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Featured on Social Media Examiner - Move over Visa Rewards and Say “Hello” to Facebook Credits

Image via Social Media Examiner

At the Facebook f8 conference earlier this year, Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg unveiled “The Open Graph” as “the most transformative thing we’ve ever done for the web” and with that announcement the disparate strands of the world wide web became more tightly woven. At the time, and to my surprise, mention of Facebook Credits was minimal at best—but as more information becomes available—it's my prediction that Facebook Credits will be the NEXT transformative step Facebook takes toward unifying the online experience from simple, social interactions to true social commerce (or when tied to Facebook commerce being labeled as fCommerce).


To learn more about what the Facebook Open Graph is, what Facebook Credits are and how they may be used in the future to purchase real world items, and how I believe Facebook Credits could become the next payment and loyalty program of the future please please head over to Social Media Examiner to read the entire article.


Image via Social Media Examiner