When you create content for your B2B blog, it’s tempting to showcase your expertise and try to impress the people reading your content. It makes sense – you want people to trust you, and be interested in your products or services. You need to realize that almost every B2B content creator feels this same pull, but the good ones resist it. It’s a self-centered mindset and train of thought that doesn’t focus you correctly on your main mission, which should be to produce client value. That’s why you’re creating content in the first place! But simply thinking about client value as you create content doesn’t necessarily solve the problem. Here are 3 easy mistakes to avoid that content creators often make when creating B2B content.

1.It’s boring. We need to be honest and realize that often times, B2B can get impersonal quickly and can abandon the entertainment element that B2C content thrives in. However, just because you have a different target customer, that doesn’t mean that your content can or should be boring. You need to be captivating and engaging to your audience, because at the end of the day you are still writing for a consumer – just a consumer in a certain industry or company. They need to laugh, be enticed, and entertained.

man-791049_6402. It’s overwhelming. One of the biggest pitfalls that B2B companies face when they create content is that they get weighed down in industry speak. We all do it. There are buzzwords that generate clicks, raise eyebrows, and catch scanning eyes. While those may make good topics, you can’t overstuff your content with catchy phrases and weigh it down with technical industry-speak. If you’re doing an in-depth whitepaper, that’s an exception, but for the most part you need to keep things light and digestible.

3. It’s pointless. One of the most annoying trends in B2B content is when companies decide to discuss the obvious or showcase themselves. The cold harsh reality is that nobody really cares about your company, unless that company writes them a paycheck or is their main competitor. And then there’s the classic ‘so what’ question that each reader asks. If there isn’t obvious value to the end-user, then you spent time creating something that won’t return the value you desire.

Nobody purposefully writes boring or pointless content, but it is easy to find yourself in a rabbit hole when you are writing B2B content. Keeping a good perspective, and thinking of these three common mistakes will help you avoid them. There are also some great tips to help you write this content that can keep you focused on exactly what you should be saying to your audience. What else have you found to be a struggle when creating B2B content? Comment below!


Image  by Pixabay