Today is a beautiful day. It’s 8 am, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and it’s time to begin another awesome day at the StringCan Interactive office. As I walk in the door, music is playing, vibes are flowing, and I am greeted by our amazing Director of Ops, Sarah Hiller, along with all of the other wonderful members of the StringFam.

As I move to put my lunch in the fridge, I stop for a moment to admire the recent postings on the 8 Things Board. The 8 Things Board is a whiteboard that we have in our kitchen that asks our team members eight personal questions every month. The questions are always fun and help you get to know everybody a little bit better. They range from questions about your biggest childhood fear to your personal goals for this month to a photo of your worst fashion trend. We also have a section for pictionary every month where you draw something for the team to guess related to our monthly internal theme.

Once I’m up to date on the 8 Things Board, I have a seat at my desk to get caught up on recent emails and begin my work for the day. As 10 am rolls around, we take a quick pause from our work for our daily stand up. This is a meeting where we take turns sharing the things that we will be working on throughout the day and any issues that we might have. After stand up, it’s back to work.

Today is our Account Director Sara Dietz’s birthday, so we booked a lunch reservation at a local restaurant here in Old Town Scottsdale. Shana, our Director of Sales and Marketing, calls the restaurant to make sure they have room and a meal for her loyal sidekick dog and our mascot, Scott, and we head out to lunch at 11:30 am. Our birthday/anniversary lunches are a great opportunity for us to bond as a team and talk about things outside of work . As lunch wraps up we pay the tab, leave a tip, and get back to the office for a hard afternoon’s work.

Since today is Friday, we have our Sprint Retro meeting scheduled at 3:15 pm. Sprint Retro is a 30 minute session where we meet in the conference room to discuss what we were able to accomplish this week, any problems that we have moving into next week, Jay cracks a few dad jokes every here and there, and we laugh anyway to make him feel better. As retro wraps up, we move back to our desks to finish off the last of our work for the week.

As 5 o’clock rolls around, most of the team heads out until we return well rested and ready to get back at it on Monday!

I love that we are always efficient in the way we approach our work and we have a great balance of work and fun throughout the week, which always bring us back to the office looking forward to accomplishing more and more every day!

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