A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of speaking with Cameron Herold of the COO Alliance. We talked about how the CEO and I work so well together, the obstacles the digital marketing industry is facing, how to keep Gen Y engaged when they want to be entrepreneurs, how we recruit and maintain great freelance relationships, and the mistakes companies are making when selecting an agency. 


Cameron asked some very smart questions about how our process differs from other agencies and how companies can go about selecting and working with a digital agency. We were focused on processes and strategy and I shared some best practices. We also talked about the outside forces that help StringCan, Jay, me, and our teamwork better together and to get sh*t done. One of my favorite parts was when we discussed what makes us different and how we really help our clients grow professionally while helping their businesses succeed.

I had a blast chatting with someone known affectionately as the “CEO whisperer” and can’t wait until we chat again. This time I’ll remember to ask him about his painted toenails on the air. 

Listen to the podcast here.

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