In this day and age, everyone seems to be talking about a “work-life balance” and even companies are starting to support their employees in finding this mysterious balance. But, like with most things, the idea of a bustling career synced in harmony with a fulfilling family life is much easier said than done. Whether you’re a serial entrepreneur like me or someone just trying to put food on the table and make the wife happy every now and then, you know how hard a successful work-life balance can be and any prioritization too far in either direction can throw your attempts at balance into a tail spin.

One valuable lesson that I have learned is that the guilt and regret from brushing your family off to the side in the chase of a successful career isn’t worth any dollar amount. This is a reality that occurred in my own life with my own family and led me to share my experiences and how we got back on track in my first book, Family 2.0, about the journey my family and I went through to reboot our family in small, yet lasting changes to get us back on track from a path I never wanted us to be on again.

I took business principles that I knew worked in my career and professional relationships and applied them to a retreat that I designed for my family. Some of the greater lessons I learned through this whole process involved intention, being honest, vulnerable, and how to get aligned in order to approach the harder conversations upfront. The “Family 2.0 Roadmap” is a customizable process that families of any size or structure can follow and tailor to fit their unique situations. In order to get a better sneak preview of how my family transformed in four days, read the full article on Convince and Convert and if you want to chat with me personally about the book or how to find a better work-life balance in today’s hectic, distraction-filled world, please feel free to contact me!