Here at StringCan Interactive, we are crazy passionate about wellness in all areas. In fact, we even refined our mission statement late last year to say “We accelerate the growth of businesses dedicated to improving people’s lives.” We didn’t do it to be noble, we did it because we truly care; we care about each other, our clients and their success, and those that support us every step of the way. We applied for a Best Wellness Employer certification where Wellness Workdays works in collaboration with experts from Harvard Medical School to recognize those who promote a culture of wellbeing while also supporting research efforts. We are proud to have been awarded Bronze level certification!

Check out the list of certified companies here.

The cool thing about this certification is that you can’t buy this award.  “The rigorous evaluation standards give your health and wellness initiative credibility and validate the investment in wellbeing to your employees, senior management team, and external stakeholders.”

We are always looking for ways to promote a healthy workplace and grow personally and professionally, and that includes recognizing the incredibly important role holistic wellness plays in supporting our goals. We walk the talk, (or is it talk the walk), when it comes to supporting holistic wellness initiatives and individuality in our organization. Whether it’s a casual yoga class led by yours truly, rooting on our habitual marathoner, running your first race, meditating for the first time, golfing instead of video games, eating fruit over candy, or a former dancer getting her groove back – we all have ways in which we make wellness a priority. Knowing what we all desire, and supporting one another in and out of the office, makes this team stronger each and every day.

The benefits of a Best Wellness Employer certification are:

  • Strengthen your business and attract and retain top talent
  • Share your wellness culture internally and externally
  • Healthier employees and healthier families

If you have any tips or would like to share how your organization supports wellness – I’d love to hear it! As always, feel free to  contact us at any time.