If there’s one secret behind my – and my businesses’ – success over the years, it’s the teams I’ve been proud to build. But this isn’t a ra-ra post about “there being no ‘I’ in ‘team.’” Instead, I believe the value of a team can supercharge collaboration and your business. Here’s a look at how I’ve come to view the power of teams, and why it matters. 

Rich Perspectives Deepen Our Work

For a client, one of the main values of hiring an agency is the idea that one plus one is greater than two. This is definitely true at StringCan. We bring people on board not because they can execute a certain task or two, but because they each have vastly different experience and skill sets. 

The richness of these different mindsets means that everything we produce is a beautiful mosaic of voices and expertise. This makes our work multidimensional, taking into account a variety of people’s feelings, backgrounds, and preferences.  

Collaborative Environment Fosters Real Growth 

In many companies, the CEO sets the vision and tells their team to follow it. In these settings, employees are often afraid to challenge what they’ve said or offer their own input. In my opinion, this is where leaders fail. When you don’t build an environment in which your team feels confident and has trust that they can share their thoughts openly, true collaboration will die. This is why, from the beginning of my company, I’ve embraced the concept of being challenged. I welcome perspectives from every single person in the company, no matter their role or idea. No one is ever penalized for sharing their ideas. Instead, it’s the opposite. I want our agency to be centered on collaboration. 

Trust In Our Team Prevents Burnout

Finally, I’ve always set out for my business to be scalable. If everything in our company is about me, I’d have to be involved every day in every way. If I have to sell and strategize and be a practitioner, and I don’t have the support of a strong team, I’ll burn out. 

To avoid this, I’ve made sure our team is one I can rely on. I don’t just mean I delegate to them; I mean each person has a great deal of autonomy and responsibility to deliver their strengths. When we pitch a new client, I showcase the value of our team members. This lets everyone know our agency isn’t just one person. It gets them comfortable working with our entire group and also lays the foundation for scaling as we grow. The power of teams can’t be underestimated, and I’m especially proud of the collaboration and value of my team at StringCan. Ready to work with an agency that understands, and invests in, the contributions of each person? Give us a call!