Landing pages are a staple in digital marketing campaigns. They provide a way to direct users from your website into your sales funnel. Using landing pages as a vessel to promote your content offer, personalize content for a particular audience, and converting leads helps you generate results from your online marketing campaigns. It may look similar to a regular website page, but they differ in that landing pages have one purpose, usually to gather information from your visitor, such as an email or contact information, in order to generate high quality leads for your sales team. It is like a hyper-focused and extremely specific web page because you can control who visits it. Having this area separate from the homepage makes it easier for both the visitor to navigate, and for you to analyze visitor behavior. 

5 Mistakes To Avoid:

1. Not Having a Landing Page
This may be a no-brainer, but not having a landing page for your business is a huge missed opportunity! Landing pages help direct and track your traffic. Create at least one landing page per campaign in order to personalize the content for the visitor and purpose of the campaign. Along with this don’t just copy other successful landing pages, just because they worked for another company does not mean they will work for your company. You have a unique target audience that may respond differently to your content.

2. Cluttered Landing Page
Keep it simple! This is the key to success for a lot of digital marketing strategy because it is so easy to over-do it, but that will cost you. Follow basic website design best practices when creating your landing page like having enough white space, having the calls-to-action stand out, and an easy to follow user experience. If there are too many words, or conflicting graphics on the landing page it becomes overwhelming to the viewer and they may bounce off the page. Only include information that is pertinent and arrange it in an aesthetically pleasing and strategic manner. There is no ideal length or color scheme for landing pages, just make the information and layout align with your company’s brand and be sure it is cohesive with the rest of the website.

3. Errors
There is nothing more frustrating as a customer than having the “Page Error” screen pop up when you are trying to follow a link. Make sure the form and links work on your landing page before you publish it by going through a QA process or by using a testing tool. If you decide to include links to social media accounts, make sure the links are correct and that the accounts are updated frequently. Otherwise, it’s showing off your lack of involvement and absence of an engaging community. If your accounts are up to date, be sure to include the links to follow these accounts or to share the content on social media somewhere on the landing page! This is an easy way to gain some followers on your various accounts from customers that are interested in your company’s content.

4. Optimized For Mobile
People are connected at all times, in all places, from all sorts of devices. In order to create landing page optimization make it easier on your customers by making an easy mobile experience. Update your landing pages to make them accessible for all devices. The chances of someone switching devices to get access to a page are slim to none, don’t lose a customer over something as simple as device access. Here are some tips to make your site mobile friendly.

5. Bad CTA
A call to action can be very useful on a landing page. Keep it limited to one CTA for a landing page and follow the same guidelines in terms of simplicity and brand cohesiveness.It’s crucial that a CTA for your business is clear, concise, and tells the visitor exactly what to do so you get the highest conversion rate possible. The entire point of your landing page is to convert quality leads so a bad CTA can sink your entire campaign.

Landing pages for your business can be helpful to direct visitors to the content that they are interested in the most, is personalized to their needs, and converts them into leads. Leave a comment of other landing page tips that have worked for your company!

Image by Ry Pepper via Flickr CC