6 Reasons Why Manufacturers Should Be Blogging

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August 19, 2015

6 Reasons Why Manufacturers Should Be Blogging

California native who graduated from Arizona State University in May, 2016 with degrees in Business Marketing and Management. Digital skills include blog writing, industry and audience research, persona creation, content creation, and primary research.

Blogging is an asset that every company should leverage in order to attract the right audience to your site, especially manufacuturers! Some of these benefits include telling a story, establishing authority, building a relationship with your target customers, and more. Not convinced yet? Click here to read more. 


According to Inside View, B2B marketers that blog generate 67% more leads than their non-blogging competitors. With that being said, businesses that don’t have a blog are missing a pivotal opportunity to reach new audiences and grow their sales. It might seem like a strange concept for a manufacturing business to have an active blog, but here are some reasons that might just change your mind:

Tell a Story

Blogs provide a great opportunity for manufacturers to do more than simply promote their brand. Blogs serve as an outlet to tell a story and provide industry knowledge using various kinds of content such as infographics, charts, and videos. This is an opportunity for your company to explain why you are different, whether it’s because your business is family-owned, been around for a couple decades, uses the newest technology, the cleanest emissions, or anything else that sets you apart from the competition. However, it’s important to keep in mind to maintain a balance between self-promotion and education on a company blog. You want to make sure that you are providing value to your target audience through the stories you tell, not just using your blog as another way to advertise your brand.

Establish Authority

A well-written and informative blog will allow you to establish authority in the marketplace. In other words, a blog will let your target audience know that you are the manufacturing authority in your category of building materials. A great topic to write about to show off your industry knowledge is frequently asked questions. This category can include anything like what kinds of colors/sizes of products you offer, the length and steps of the production process, and anything else that touches on sales and customer service. If your blog can display your intelligence with great industry knowledge and a passion for what you do, you will gain your audience’s trust and recognition and hopefully, more business.

Build a Relationship With Your Target Audience

Blogs generate a great line of communication between you and your audience. Find what the trending topics are in your industry and write about them, because people are searching for them. Whether your audience wants to know about the various types of roofing they can put on their house or how they should convert to a new type of insulation, seek out your audience’s pain points to ensure that you are delivering the content they are looking for. Be sure to leave call-to-action statements at the end of your blogs and include a comment box at the bottom to encourage conversation. Even better, if people really love your blog, you can give them the option of sharing your content on their social media sites for greater outreach.

Keep Your Audience Well-Informed

Writing a blog requires some research beforehand, which is a nice chance for you to learn more about the trending topics in your own industry and become an expert on subjects you may have known little about before. This is a great opportunity for comparison or how-to blogs. Comparison blogs allow you to steer your audience in the direction you want if you are providing useful comparisons of companies, products, or services while they are in the midst of the buying process. How-to blogs make a great instructional guide for customers who are interested in using your manufacturing products or services. You can also write a how-to blog that serves a more general audience like “how to turn an idea into an invention.” Writing a blog that helps customers solve a problem or explain a manufacturing process will make your company seem intelligent, draw people to your website, and help you stay on top of the game.

Extend Customer Reach

Blogs are a great way to attract new audiences. People either search “manufacturing company” or a specific topic such as a trend, product, or issue. If your business doesn’t show up easily when your audience searches for “manufacturing company,” blogs can help you take advantage of other related search terms to get your name out there. Write about an upcoming trade show that your readers may be attending and the types of products or services it will be showcasing. You could even write about an award you won or congratulate another manufacturing partner or company for an award they won. People may stumble across your blog when searching for a specific topic and you may gain some customers who would not have discovered you otherwise.

Improve Your SEO With Your Blog

Blogging provides endless opportunities for your website to rank in search because every time you write a new blog post, you create a new URL for your site. When writing blog posts, it’s essential to use keywords that you want to be found for, especially in your page titles, headlines, and body content. Search engines promote the websites that serve readers the best, so by creating more content about the products and services companies produce, and the pain points they solve, the more likely you are to be found for those subjects in organic search.

Blogging is here to stay and will only enhance your manufacturing company’s outreach, as well as provide another way for you to target your audience. If you would like some additional information or assistance on how to get started with your blog, please leave a comment below or contact us here!

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