7 Engagement Guidelines To Turn Facebook Likes Into Leads

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November 17, 2011

7 Engagement Guidelines To Turn Facebook Likes Into Leads

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Social Media ROI can be a tough thing to break down in terms of monetary value. Sure having a lot of fans on Facebook is great, but what does it mean for your business if they aren't converting into leads? As with nearly anything, your business will get out what it puts in. Passion and excitement will go a long ways to help transform your fans from mere followers into brand advocates. Today I will show you how to get the most out of your time spent on Facebook and help you transform Likes into leads with 7 engagement guidelines.

1. Create Alluring Facebook Landing Pages

Your Facebook landing page is the first initial insight users have into your page. Make your landing page clearly reflect your brand and your message with well thought out branding, imagery, and content. Using fan gates (a page offering new visitors exclusive content after the Like your page) offers new Facebook fans a reason to Like your page can be a great way to excite new users. Offer special deals to your fans for Liking your page and sharing it with others.

2. Share Content Hosted On Your Webpage

Use content that directs fans from your social pages to your website when sharing on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. Blogs and daily resource articles packed with valuable, interesting, and consistent content can be a be a great way to drive additional traffic when hosted directly on your website. It can also encourage users to explore the rest of what your site has to offer and come back for more.

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3. Offer Exclusive Content To Fans

Keep your social pages interesting by offering content that is unique to each network. Get to know your fans by building relationships and appeal to their interests with specialized content. Experiment with different types of media and content to see what each audience reacts to best. Try hosting a Facebook contest to grow your page and excite new fans with exclusive content and prizes!

4. Custom Tabs To Promote Offers

While there are many innovative ways to connect with fans through a variety of social networks, Facebook offers some unique opportunities for brands to personalize a user's experience on their page. For example, check out StringCan's custom Facebook landing page. Facebook's platform allows for pages to add custom tabs where businesses can host exclusive downloads and offers. Create new pages for upcoming events, products, and offers to send your fans to by changing default page settings and leveraging targeted Facebook ad campaigns. Try using special promo codes for Facebook to track the effectiveness of your campaign.

5. Engage Fans With Facebook Applications

Facebook apps can be a great way to add some personality to your page. Apps can help tie together the other elements of your business across the web onto one page. Some of our favorite apps allow pages to host their videos and YouTube channel on their page, and another allows businesses to sell products directly from Facebook with a ShopTab (disclaimer: our founder Jay Feitlinger is also co-founder of ShopTab, but we love it anyways!). No matter what your page is about, there is certainly an app out there that can help bring it to life!

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6. Make The Most Of Photos and Videos

Photos and videos make up the most shared content on the Internet. Leverage these tools to find innovative ways to promote your brand and excite your audience.

7. Be Interesting - Not Invisible!

Give your fans a reason to follow your page. Understand what they are looking for from your activity online and stay relevant and exciting. Consistently share content that is interesting enough to keep fans talking and bring them back for more. The more fans interact with and talk about your page, the more optimized it will be to appear in their news feeds.

How do you leverage Facebook to grow your customer base and make conversions for your business? Comment below and let us know and join the conversation on Facebook.

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