How to Add Google Author Tags to Improve Search Results

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July 3, 2013

How to Add Google Author Tags to Improve Search Results

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Ever wonder how those awesome author tags with the author’s avatar popup on Google? Google has integrated Google+ into all of their products, including search results and will continue to push their social platform forward so it is best to adapt to it and incorporate it as much as possible. Here is an easy how to guide to add what sites you contribute content to on Google+ and how to link your Google+ account to your WordPress site. It is important to complete both of these steps to ensure that your author tag will show up in Google search results. Also make sure that your Google+ profile is updated with the profile photo you want shown with your content.

Here is a screenshot of Google search results for my recent blog post on Facebook hashtags. Notice that my picture shows up in the corner and it stands out more than the other search results.

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