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How to Beat Writer's Block and Craft Killer Content

Digital vs. Traditional Marketing: What's Better?

Ending the War Between Sales and Marketing

We Love Working With Health Clubs: IHRSA Recap

How Healthy is Your ROI?

The Top 5 Ways Marketing Can Help Your Sales Team

How to Increase Your Revenue Using Facebook and Instagram

How Long Does It Take Your Health Club to Respond to Leads?

StringCan Lends a Helping Hand to Arizona Families

The 4 Google Insights from 2018 That Every Marketer Should Know

Online Marketing Tactics that Generate the Best Leads for Sales

3 Tips to Prioritize Marketing Efforts for Your Business

What Does Goldilocks Have to Do with Creating Your Annual Plan?

A Day at StringCan

Why It's Important to Follow Brand Standards

Boost Your Brain to Boost Your Work

Zennie 2018 Award Winner! Come on Down!

StringCan Values

Direct vs. Indirect Competitors and How to Monitor Them

How to Generate Leads from Social Media

StringCan Gives Back

The Best Way to Experience Your Clients' Brands? Become an Actual Customer

Top 4 Things to Keep in Mind When Conducting a Brand Audit

Quality or Quantity: What's More Important for Reviews?

How We Make Time for Physical & Mental Health

Turning Health Club Members into Raving Fans

3 Best Practices to Better Support Your Sales Team

The Importance of Friendly Competition in the Workplace

We’re Thankful for Our Clients

What Your Office Fridge Says About Your Company Culture

3 Reasons Negative Reviews Can Be Even More Important Than Positive Ones

It's All About the Bennies (Benefits)

5 Ways to Make Planning for 2019 Not Scary

Sharing Company Culture on Social Media

Educate Your LASIK and Cataract Patients with Content Marketing

Tips for Dynamite Group Dynamics and Communication at Work

How to Differentiate Your LASIK Practice from Your Competition

Connecting with Your Team Outside the Office

Here's What Your Team Should Focus on When it Comes to Digital Marketing

When to Hire a Marketing Partner for Your Health Club

Why Reviews Matter

The Importance of Taking Time Off

Can Flex Time Set Your Company Apart?

How to Inspire Your Team to Be Its Best

Why You Should Keep Your Social Media Management In-House

Top 5 Important Questions Your Marketing Team Needs to Answer

How Your Workplace Benefits from Bringing in Your Dogs

Looking for Franchisees? Borrow from B2B Marketing Best Practices

Is Your Health Club Struggling in its Google Search Engine Ranking?

Health Clubs: Here's How to Engage Your Members Online

Top 7 Ways to Discover New Content Topics

Leverage Seasons to Create New Content Topics

How to Use Your Sales Team to Create Marketing Topics

Leadership Lowdown with Jay Feitlinger

Welcome StringCan’s New Digital Sales & Marketing Intern - Jake Dieball

Google or Facebook to Help Grow Your Business (INFOGRAPHIC)

Giving a Hand up, Not a Hand Out to Help a Fellow Entrepreneur Devastated by Hurricane Maria

Your GDPR Most Asked Questions, Answered

Welcome StringCan’s New Paid Media Specialist - Erin Baltazar

What You Need to Know About Facebook’s Targeting Changes

Developing Your Results-Driven Summer Camp Marketing Strategy

5 Ways to Increase Your Swim School Class Registrations

From a Previous Intern: What to Expect from a #StringTernship

Our Share-Worthy Insights from Digital Summit Phoenix 2018

Creating Content Parents will Love

Don't Have Time to Write Content? Interview-Based Blogging to the Rescue

Google AdWords vs. Facebook Advertising to Generate Leads: What's the Difference?

The Long Road Home & Party Time!

Yelp Help! How to Beat the Competition

6 Free Photo and Photo Editing Sites to Make your Jaw Drop

Giving Back! Volunteering At Lost Our Home Pet Rescue

How Facebook's News Feed Change Will Affect Your Business - And What You Can Do

Look Back to Get Ahead - Our 12 Favorite 2017 Blog Posts

What Every Parent Needs to Know About Facebook’s Messenger Kids App

How to Motivate Your "Millennial" Youngest Employees

Be Thankful for a Full Sales Pipeline with These 5 Steps

Why You Should Treat Your Customers Like Family

Why Family is the Heart of Our Business

Level Up Your Digital Marketing Career

From One Entrepreneur to Another: What Your Digital Marketing Strategy Needs

Welcome StringCan’s New Paid Media Account Manager - Sarah Rex

What The "S" in HTTPS Means for Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Welcome StringCan’s New Account Director - Sara Dietz

The Trifecta: Our Top Digital Marketing Strategy Tips

Welcome StringCan’s New Director of Sales & Marketing - Shana O'Connor

Savvy Social Media: 3 Ways to Get Focused

Everything You Need to Know About: Buyer Personas

Customer Reviews: The Ultimate Guide

Your Ultimate Guide to SEO

Getting Focused with Your Family-Centered Business

Tips to Finish the Year Strong and Gain More Sales

How to: Work-Life Balance and Staying Sane

Is My Swim School Falling Behind?

The Back to School Mindset: 5 Things You Can Learn to Improve Your Online Marketing

What Do Your Customers Really Think About Your Brand?

Demographic Deciphering: How to Find the Giving Grandparents in the Summertime

4 Steps to Successfully Use Facebook Geo-Targeting

Tips to Keep Your Website Design Like the 4th of July – Fun and Simple

Google Indexing: How Does It Work Anyway?

4 Things To Do Before Your Marketing Department Goes On Vacation

3 Tips to Increase Your Domain Authority

Smarter Marketing with Marketing Automation

School’s Out, Marketing’s In

Lion's Pride - My Experience in the HubSpot Sales Bootcamp

How to Recruit a Stellar Staff

Avoid a Mid-Year Crisis, 4 Items to Keep You on Pace

Not All Personas Are Right For You

Marketing To Parents As Your Target Audience? Here’s a Look at Their Buying Journey

Worked Hard to Get New Customers? Now Keep Them

Rebooting Family - The Entrepreneur’s Way

Balancing Work and Family: Yes, it’s Possible

Paid Media Consulting: How to Measure ROI

How Do I Hit the Ground Running With My New Location?

You CAN Compete Against Franchised Swim Schools

5 Signs that Your Multi-Location Fitness Company is Ready for Franchising

The Value of Listening in Sales

Should You Outsource Your Digital Marketing?

How Do I Verify the Buyer Personas for My Swim School?

Don’t Make This Mistake When Creating Your Buyer Personas

Get Your Feet Wet with StringCan

One Pool is Full, the Other is Running Dry; Is It My Marketing Campaign?

What is Content Syndication and Why Should Your Company Use It?

Keep Your Blog Afloat, Tips to Getting Back on Track

Is Your Marketing Strategy Delivering Results?

4 Things I Love About Buyer Personas

4 SEO Stats You Should Be Paying Attention to Right Now

Franchisees: Be You (and Still be Brand Compliant)

Branding: Are You and Your Digital Marketing Agency on the Same Page?

The 10 Step SEO Checklist

Broad Isn’t Best. How to Make Your Content More Niche

Swipe Right with Your Digital Marketing Agency

Setting the Stage for Success During the Most Critical Quarter

SEO Isn’t Dead (And Ignoring It Is Costing You)

Don’t Make Marketing Resolutions. Make Good Habits.

Welcome StringCan’s New Digital Marketing Intern - Rachel Poulin

6 Sure-Fire Steps To Improve Your Lead Generation Process This Year

Leaders: To be Strong, be Vulnerable

6 Tips To Get Employees Involved in Annual Planning

Are You Asking Your Marketing Agency The Right Questions About ROI?

ROI Analysis and Planning for Next Year

Uber’s Rating System: A Missed Opportunity?

I Generated Leads… Now What?

Is Your Agency on the Naughty or Nice List? To Do’s for 2017 to Make Sure Your Digital Marketing Agency is on Point

The Insider Scoop on INBOUND 2016 Conference

Tips for Multitaskers to Be More Present

My Digital Marketing Agency and I Broke Up. How Can I Rebound?

The 5 Best Ways to Gain More Leads to Impact Your Bottom Line Through Online Marketing

To Our Clients: We’re Just Like You

Why Digital Locations Are Essential For Brick And Mortar Businesses: Who Are You?

Get Over Yourself Baby Boomers, Millennials Are Here To Stay

Three Ways To Not Wreck Your Reviews

Interacting with Customers on Customer Review Sites

The Importance and Impact of Local Reviews for Companies Cannot Be Overstated

StringCan Interactive Earns Distinction as a Gold HubSpot Certified Agency Partner

HubSpot’s 2016 State of Inbound Report: 3 Reasons Why Your Company Needs to Embrace Inbound Sales

Why Franchises Need A Clear Online Marketing Strategy

Localization: The Secret Sauce to Online Franchise Marketing

Don’t Let Your Facebook Page Get Lost in the Latest News Feed Shuffle

How Personas Help Inbound Marketing and Sales

Is Your Blog Successful? You May be Measuring the Wrong Metrics

Why Inbound Marketing Works - Part 1: Outbound and Inbound Explained

Why You Need Personas for Your Content Marketing Strategy

Voice Search and Its Impact On Businesses

Creating a Long Term Company Blog: Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Before You Begin

Smarketing: What Is It And Why Is It Needed?

Social Media Sinks Businesses: Can You Afford to Sink Time and Resources into Social Media?

Content Marketing Trends in 2016 You Can't Afford To Ignore

Why Your HubSpot Marketing Efforts Will Fail Without Personas

Where Do Ad Blockers And Native Advertising Find A Happy Medium?

Why Nobody Fills Out Your Form Fill

Biggest Pitfalls To Avoid On Your Landing Page

How To Create Alignment Between Sales and Marketing Through Our B2B Smarketing Process

Easier than 5 Push-Ups, How to Make Your Website Stronger

Why You Should Care More About Leads Than Website Traffic

Content of a Website: If You Build it, They Will Come

Don't Damage Your Search Rankings By Not Optimizing Your Website For Local Search

How To Create A Smart CTA For Your Company's Website

Why Your Gym Needs A Fitness Blog

Welcome StringCan’s New Account Executive - Matt Grodsky

Welcome StringCan's New Digital Marketing Intern - Kate Orsi

4 Secrets To Boosting Your Website Traffic

Welcome StringCan's New Digital Marketing Intern - Austin Bogar

Implications of Google’s Removal of Sidebar Ads from Search Engine Ranking Pages

Welcome StringCan’s New Executive Assistant - Sarah Hiller

Welcome Our New Digital Marketing Analytics Intern, Lindsay Martino!

How B2B Businesses Can Leverage Instagram and its New Business Account

Become a Better Business Owner with Feedly

How to Monitor Your B2B Competitors With Social Media

How to Make Your Nonprofit's Messaging More Impactful

Digital vs. Traditional Marketing ROI: What's Easier to Prove?

How to Revamp Your Nonprofit's Blog For Better Results

How Digital Marketing is Helping Profile Precision Extrusions Grow

3 Reasons Nobody Reads Your B2B Blog

3 Ways our Non-Profit Organization Benefited from Digital Marketing

6 Reasons Why Manufacturers Should Be Blogging

Tips for Making Your Event Shine Online

Don’t Let B2B Content Marketing Kill You

Validated Personas are The Key to Getting the Most out of Your Marketing Automation Software

4 Reasons Why Businesses Should Invest in Digital Marketing

An Agile Startup Needs An Agile Minimum Viable Strategy

How to Make B2B Marketing Mobile-Friendly

Five Reasons Why Your Business Should Use SlideShare

Top Social Networks to Leverage for Your B2B Business

Facebook just gave away control of its News Feed

Commonly Misused Words in Content Writing

3 Things to Remember when Building your Brand Personality

6 Crucial Attributes to Include in Your Marketing Personas

Introducing StringCan’s New Digital Marketing Intern – Luke Hellmuth

Introducing StringCan’s New Digital Marketing Intern – Delaney Lamoureux

Introducing StringCan’s New Digital Marketing Intern – Mack Regan

National Doughnut Day: Tasty Marketing Insights With No Added Calories

Introducing StringCan’s New Digital Marketing Intern – Nicole Rucker

Pinterest Enters the Ad Arena

Why Your Company Should Utilize Video Marketing

Keeping yourself Innovative in the Workplace

Content Marketing Tactics for Targeting Millennials

How BuzzFeed is Staying Relevant

5 Digital Necessities to Improve Team Communication and Productivity

Defining The SEO Formula

The Clashing Culture of Cross-Promotion

5 Tips for Eliminating Workplace Procrastination

Welcome Our New Digital Marketing Intern - Claire Bushkill!

Why Digital Marketing Strategy Comes First

Filling in the Gaps: What College Marketing Classes Don’t Teach You

Welcome Our New Digital Marketing Intern, Samantha Neerhof!

Welcome Our New Digital Marketing Intern, Renee Coulombe!

New Year’s Resolutions from our Fellow “Best Places to Work” Award Winners

What Makes a Company a Great Place to Work? 4 Things to Look For

Why Does Customer Loyalty Matter?

8 Sure Fire Ways To Make Your Company Go From Good To Great by Jim Collins

4 Lessons Learned From Taylor Swift Vs. Spotify

Snapchat Enters the Advertising World

Keep Your Creative Juices Flowing!

Welcome StringCan's New Digital Strategy Intern - Danielle Andrew

Welcome StringCan's New Content Strategy Intern - Katie Blalock

Welcome StringCan’s New Creative Intern - Eric Castanos

Meet StringCan’s Brand and Research Strategist - Amanda Messenger

Lessons Learned from Riding the Ropes!

Andrea Turnbow - Our New Paid Media Services Manager

StringCan Welcomes Our New Audience Engagement Manager - James Grant

StringCan's Springtime in Paris Tour - Master Class : Looking for Gaps in Business – Solving Social Media Monetization Gaps

StringCan's Springtime in Paris Tour - Startups Calling |Phoenix and Paris

StringCan's Springtime in Paris Tour - Optimizing Online Sales for the Tourism industry

How Do You Increase Traffic to a Non-Profit Website by 390% in 2 Months with FREE Media from Google Grants?

While Some Companies Seek Validation Externally, StringCan Interactive Explores It Internally

StringCan Interactive Awarded #5 Best Place to Work by Phoenix Business Journal

From Email Disaster to Email Master - 9 Easy Steps Become the King of Your Inbox

Agile Planning : Project Management Beyond Software Companies

StringCan Turns 3 Years Old! Redefining Digital Marketing in Arizona

Cut the Noise Podcast 003 - Social Media Updates

The Most Amazing Smartphone Apps and Mobile Features

5 Character Traits of a Good Digital Team

StringCan Welcomes Our New Account Manager – Kelly Rix

How to Add Google Author Tags to Improve Search Results

What Social Media Network Are You And Your Brand?

Introducing Our New StringCan Digital Marketing Coordinator – Alix Parker

Better Late than Never, Facebook #Hashtags

Bridging the Gap between Business and Tech

The Five Reasons I Like Google Plus More Than Facebook

The Missing Pieces:: Project Management in Agencies

Cut the Noise Podcast 002 – Discovering your ideal audience online

Facebook Unveils Big Changes To Mobile App(s) and Desktop Experience

Cut the Noise Podcast 001 - Kicking Off the Podcast

How To Use Blogs - Best Practices

How To Take Your Facebook Interaction to the Next Level

Cut The Noise - Improving Website Speed Behind The Screen

Social Media Optimization for Business :: Presented at Local First Arizona event

Pins, Repins, and Boards, OH MY!

How To Create A Video Marketing Campaign To Significantly Boost Website Traffic & Sales

The New MySpace – It's Alive And Bringing Sexy Back

All Team Members Focused On The Same Goals :: Priceless

New StringCan Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Manager – Machelle Norris

How to Improve Your Business' Social Media - Week 3 - Pinterest

Facebook Upgrades On-Site Search By Leveraging Open Graph Network

How to Improve Your Business' Social Media - Week 2 - Twitter

How to Improve Your Business' Social Media - Week 1 - Facebook

Instagram Adds Badges to Promote Your Business

Why Video Marketing is Vital in Promoting Your Business

Instagram for Mobile and Now the Web: Use it to Enhance Your Brand

10 Tips For Launching A B2B Website

The Social Media Storm: Hurricane Sandy

New StringCan Account Manager – Jason McDonald

Can MySpace Really Rise Up From the Grave?

Key Tips for Creating Your Business' Website

Facebook Twitter Debate 2012: Who has your vote?

Foursquare's Election App vs Google's Election Tool

New StringCan Office Manager - Michelle Giannino

5 Lessons for Entrepreneurs from Olympic Games

Infographics: A Must for Marketing

Mixed Marketing Messages Miss the Mark

CRM in a Nutshell

Declaring Your Independence - Startup Opportunities in Arizona

Pinterest: How Essential It Is for Small Agencies

Facebook's New Comment Editing Feature

The Perks of Google Places for Small Businesses

Should Your Business trade in Dropbox for Google Drive?

Basecamp From an Agency's Perspective

New StringCan Project Manager Theresa Pagnani

Kooza! 3 Lessons from Cirque Du Soleil on How To Turn Your Marketing Into Magic

Link Building vs. Content Marketing

New StringCan Digital Marketing Coordinator - Max Mendoza

Chief Office Love Provider

Can You Pin New Customers?

5 Key Coachella Lessons Learned From A Digital Marketing Perspective

Photo Graph One Step Closer To Being Possible - Facebook One Billion Acquisition of Instagram

Is Your Brand Interesting Or Invisible?

7 Engagement Guidelines To Turn Facebook Likes Into Leads

How Blogs Can Improve or Hurt Your Website's Engagement and SEO - The Netflix For Art And Experts of Personalized Facebook Engagement

Big Changes To Facebook Insights Analytics + New Tool For Facebook Fan Pages: "People Talking About This"

Facebook Subscribe Feature - Everything You Need To Know To Get Started

How To Leverage YouTube for your Business

Optimizing Your Business For Search - Get Found and Get Known!

The Dos and Don'ts of Successful Web Page Design

The Importance Of A Mobile Web Strategy Beyond Mobile Apps

What Facebook Could Learn From Foursquare And Social Rewards

Facebook Side Bar Navigation Can Now Be Organized In 3 Easy Steps

Amazing Smartphone Applications: 7 Free Cool Apps For Android and iPhone

Google Gets Social - Social Search Will Change The Way Users Explore and Evaluate Online

Google Analytics Review and the Top 3 Things To Monitor For Businesses

How To Use Facebook Insights To Better Engage And Understand Your Fans

How To Create Effective Facebook Ads That Work

Square - Mobile Credit Card Payments Without Limits Review – Syncing Microsoft Office with Facebook's Social Experience

Google Instant AutoComplete - Not So Complete After All

Featured on Social Media Examiner - Move over Visa Rewards and Say “Hello” to Facebook Credits

Google Groups Makes Connecting and Communicating Easy

Band Together to Spread Awareness for our Favorite Causes

Top Smartphone Business Apps

Social Commerce on Facebook - 500 Million People Are in Your Store

The Yellow Pages Go Green – Turn in the old Yellow Pages and upgrade to social review sites.

Black Friday Boasts $648 Million in U.S. Online Holiday Spending, Up 9 Percent vs. Year Ago

Will the Social Inbox Turn Facebook into a Business Communication Platform?

How to Connect Smart with other Businesses and Business Professionals through LinkedIn

Start testing Location Based Services and Focus on Influencers

Facebook taking local marketing to a whole different level with Facebook Deals

Choose Your Own Adventure Video with Andy Grammer

Tweet on the Street! - The First Public Twitter Booth

Be a Groupie from your home. Staying connected through Social Media.

Would social commerce influence your buying decision for large ticket items?

Should there be a Facebook Dislike Button?

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