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A Day at StringCan

Jan 28

A Day at StringCan

Today is a beautiful day. It’s 8 am, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and it’s time to begin another awesome day at the StringCan Interactive office. As I walk in the door, music is playing, vibes are flowing, and I am greeted by our amazing Director of Ops, Sarah Hiller, along with all of the other wonderful members of the StringFam.

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The Importance of Friendly Competition in the Workplace

When I was growing up as a wrestler, I learned a very important lesson: You will never improve without challenging yourself. Back then it meant that the only way to get any better was to take on people of greater skill. Today it’s a little different, but the underlying concept of using competition as motivation for improvement still stands strong.

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Sharing Company Culture on Social Media

Social media provides you with a great opportunity to show off a different side of your company. Every year, company culture is becoming a bigger part of what motivates employees to work for certain companies. Company culture is essentially the personality of a company. It’s what differentiates the mindset, attitude, beliefs and behaviors of everyday office life.

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Connecting with Your Team Outside the Office

In order for teams to be successful, they have to be able to communicate well with one another. Communication plays a huge role in not only making sure that work is getting done right, but also in understanding how your team members think and how to best work with each other. Sometimes it can be difficult to develop that level of communication in a professional setting, which is why it is incredibly important to connect with your team members outside of the office.

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The Importance of Taking Time Off

Does anyone remember the good ol’ days when it was standard to put in 9 to 10 months of work throughout the year and then have June, July, and most of August to kick back by the pool and relax? At StringCan, we believe in a good summer vacation. Not necessarily the types of summer vacation that we were gifted in our school days, but a chance to get out of town and enjoy spending quality time with family and friends. We have found that taking time off work during the summer sets us up to be more creative and productive when we return.

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How Your Workplace Benefits from Bringing in Your Dogs

StringCan Interactive works really hard to make our working environment productive, healthy, and happy - it means everything to us. Unhappy workplaces are literally no fun; you can begin experiencing stress which can lead to poor communication and unproductive work. One of our favorite ways to keep an upbeat workplace is to bring our dogs to work!

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