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How to Increase Your Revenue Using Facebook and Instagram

Maybe you have a strong social media strategy in place and have used it as a tool to capture more leads. Or maybe you’ve been beating the drum about social media to the rest of your executive team, only to be told you can’t get the resources you need to effectively manage and improve your digital presence. Either way, you might be thinking there’s more untapped opportunity in the social landscape. Can you really use social media for business growth? Is it possible that pursuing this the right way could actually increase revenue?

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How to Generate Leads from Social Media

So you’ve invested a good amount of time (and therefore dollars) into a social media strategy. Whether it’s your in-house team managing the execution, or an agency, you might’ve reached a point where you’re questioning the ROI of all this effort. And you’re absolutely right to do so.

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Turning Health Club Members into Raving Fans

Customer satisfaction is one thing. It’s nice to know your health club members are content, and that you’re meeting their most pressing needs so they don’t need to complain or go elsewhere (at least for now). But then there’s retention. The more satisfied your members are, the more likely you’ll retain them - and the more money you’ll keep in the long haul. It’s just good business sense to hang onto the members you currently have and incentivize them to remain loyal to you.

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How to Differentiate Your LASIK Practice from Your Competition

It’s no surprise to experienced marketers that medical practices need to market and define their brand differentiation strategy just like any other business does. But what might be surprising are some of the most effective methods you can take to do this.

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When to Hire a Marketing Partner for Your Health Club

As the owner of a health club, you might be thinking about engaging with a partner to help you with marketing management. But before taking this step, you may have some hesitation. Maybe you worked with a freelancer for a period of time and had a poor experience, or maybe you hired a marketing firm to promote a specific event and were left disappointed with the results.

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Top 5 Important Questions Your Marketing Team Needs to Answer

Whether you run a large health club with an internal marketing department or are the owner of a small gymnastics studio and rely on an external marketing agency, you need to know whether your efforts are working. And in order to hold yourself, your team or your agency accountable, you need to know the right questions to ask.

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Health Clubs: Here's How to Engage Your Members Online

Did you know that 90 percent of fitness studios and health clubs lose between 30 and 50 percent of their members each year? This is a staggering number, and also disheartening for anyone who’s responsible for improving member retention at their athletic club. Whether you run a traditional health club, a yoga studio or a crossfit gym, odds are good you’ve experienced some of the common challenges of keeping your members engaged.

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Google or Facebook to Help Grow Your Business (INFOGRAPHIC)

Are you confused on whether to invest your marketing dollars into Facebook or Google's ad platforms? You're not alone! Make sure you understand the difference between the two platforms and how they help you accomplish your marketing goals.

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Don't Have Time to Write Content? Interview-Based Blogging to the Rescue

There are endless stats out there that prove the value of producing content to increase site traffic, convert (and nurture) leads, and provide support to existing customers.

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Google AdWords vs. Facebook Advertising to Generate Leads: What's the Difference?

"Google or Facebook? Which one should I use to make my marketing dollars go farther?” That’s one of the top questions we  hear when people ask us about online advertising. There’s pros and cons to both platforms, and each one offers something unique. We’ve outlined the good, the bad and the differences between the two.

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