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StringCan Lends a Helping Hand to Arizona Families

As a company, we place a huge emphasis on our Values. And not just talking about them and making a pretty graphic, but actually living by them and even being rated on them during performance reviews. We take them very seriously, even though we often can be a pretty silly bunch. We don’t just act on our values in the office, we take them out of the office as well. When it comes to “Bring Solutions, Not Problems,” we work to be a part of the solution. For us that means as a company, we volunteer at least once per quarter.

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Boost Your Brain to Boost Your Work

I love my job. A large part of what I do is to help develop our amazing team. They are our most valuable and precious asset, as is your team! I am always looking for ways to help everyone fulfill their potential, contribute their best self, and rejuvenate to come back even better. I am a lot like Dave Asprey where I test a lot of tips and tricks out on myself first. This enables me to multiply my experience 8x or more by sharing my failures and successes with others. I was able to present a lunch and learn to our team on efficiency hacks. This got everyone thinking and the sharing that went on was incredible. From hot keys, to Chrome extensions, to supplements and more. No matter how good, or great (Jim Collins shout out) your team is, you and your team can always be better. One way to do that is to improve your #1 asset as a human being; your brain

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Zennie 2018 Award Winner! Come on Down!

That’s right! Come ooooonnn down and wave that shiny Zennie all over the place!

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StringCan Gives Back

Dec 19

StringCan Gives Back

I am so lucky to work for a company that walks the walk AND talks the talk. I’ve had some amazing volunteer opportunities while working for other companies, but they were never done as a company. We take our mission to heart; supporting businesses that are dedicated to improving the lives of others.

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What Your Office Fridge Says About Your Company Culture

This article in a nutshell:

  • Your office needs a fridge

  • Having a place to store lunches helps keep employees healthier

  • Your fridge is like a culture time capsule

  • Turn your fridge into a work of art 

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It's All About the Bennies (Benefits)

Benefits, or “bennies” as the cool kids call it, is picking up steam and becoming a major conversation piece in the wild and crazy world of Human Resources (HR). Human Resources service provider Zenefits even has an Ultimate Guide to Fringe Benefits. What makes a benefit a benefit? Does your company consider free coffee a benefit?

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5 Ways to Make Planning for 2019 Not Scary

This post in a nutshell:

  • Annual planning is downright scary
  • Evaluate your past without judgement
  • Share the wins
  • It feels like eating an elephant, so start with strategy
  • Work backwards from strategy and get everyone aligned
  • Start budgeting if you aren’t already; any budget is better than no budget
  • Have fun and dream a little! It’s not all work and no play - boring!
  • Stay tuned for our e-book on what marketing trends to look out for
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Tips for Dynamite Group Dynamics and Communication at Work

Team communication. If saying that out loud at work feels like a misnomer and you’re cringing at the memory of your latest interaction, you’re not alone. Teams across the globe all tackle the issue of maintaining effective, happy, healthy, and productive team communication at work. While there’s no perfect workplace, or a one-style-fits-all approach that will work, there are lots of businesses that forge through a tough situation to nail down the traits of a team that can communicate with trust and a little love while GSD (getting sh*t done).

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Can Flex Time Set Your Company Apart?

At StringCan, one of the things that we are most proud of is our commitment to our culture and our team. We constantly strive to find ways to make our employees happy; we’ve found one of the best ways to ensure employee satisfaction is through a flexible work environment. 

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Welcome StringCan’s New Digital Sales & Marketing Intern - Jake Dieball

Jake is StringCan’s fabulous new Digital Sales & Marketing StringTern. His family-oriented values will help our clients grow by providing honest and constructive feedback. Jake is currently studying entrepreneurship at Arizona State University and will be graduating May 2019.

Jake Dieball StringTern

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