Band Together to Spread Awareness for our Favorite Causes

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December 14, 2010

Band Together to Spread Awareness for our Favorite Causes

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This is a guest post by Kay McDonald, CEO of Charity Charms. Kay is the Ceo/founder of Charity Charms...a niche company that creates logo charms for charities to spread awareness and fundraise. She started the company six years ago with the vision of "Charms to Change the World" in hopes that every individual would wear charms to support charities worldwide. To date, the company has created charms for over 220 charities, with a fundraising value over three million dollars. With a 25 year background in jewelry wholesale and philanthropy Ms. McDonald is living her dream as a social entrepreneur combining fashion and compassion for a better world.

Charity Charms is a wholesale manufacturer of jewelry that specializes in creating custom charms from charity logos. We also offer a variety of tools and services to our charity partners to help them in their fundraising and awareness campaigns.

GivingBands were created to combine the successful charm program with the popular awareness bracelet concept (aka Nike LiveStrong). The charms are made from recycled lead-free pewter, attached to earth-friendly silicone bands, and assembled by adults with disabilities here in the USA. Our goal is to “Band Together to Support America’s Charities.”

Over the past year we have seen the vast growth of the use of Social Media by the world of philanthropy. It is an incredible way for charities to reach out to their supporters, and the best part is: it’s free. We have used Social Media as a relationship building tool, and were looking for a better way to monetize our efforts.

StringCan Interactive helped us launch a new GivingBand app on our Facebook page, that lets us sell our product directly to our Facebook fans, and to the 500+ million users. We are very excited to see the application in use and think it will be a great addition to our social media campaign. We also see it as a very innovative new marketing tool.

StringCan really took the time to understand our business model and get to know all about our products. This helped a great deal in the design and integration of this application. They brought some very creative ideas to us about this app and we are thrilled with the way it turned out.

Charity Charms is really excited to launch our new GivingBands Facebook page, which was the brainchild of StringCan Interactive, as a way to connect with our fans on Facebook. The integrated Facebook shopping app allows users to purchase GivingBands via our One to Wear, One to Share campaign, support their favorite charity…..and hopefully tell their friends about it through FACEBOOK to spread the word.

-Kay McDonald, CEO Charity Charms






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