CRM in a Nutshell

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July 19, 2012

CRM in a Nutshell

Our Digital Scientists are made up of tech-loving, results-oriented, passionate, digital marketing nerds who have an unnatural obsession with all things digital. Most likely seen glued to a screen and spewing new digital marketing trends.

The mantra of StringCan is to "Connect Smart" and our mission is to help our clients connect with their customers in an effective way to help grow their business.

However the challenge in today’s digital and hyper connected world is that there is so much noise out there. People regularly feel overwhelmed with everything they have on their plates and it can be though to keep up with it all. Whether you are the overly ambitious business owner or overworked employee, when you reach this tipping point communication tends to be one of the first things that break down.

With that in mind, our team for the past few months has been mapping out how we can be smart at connecting with our current and prospective customers. We looked at the top ten CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools on the market right now and found that was the best one that meet our needs.


For those businesses that believe in the philosophy around engaging with their customers, leveraging this tool could be great for your business as well.

Here are 3 takeaways of how Nutshelll can streamline your business's ability to stay connected with your customer, and prospects.

1) Checking Up On Contacts – “Talk & Timeline”

This is one of the unique features that distinguishes Nutshell from its competitors. After inputting relevant information for each contact and company you can easy be able to overview what the weather is, what blogs have been created, contact LinkedIn information, or what tweets your clients or leads have shared.

If you believe in a relationship driven business then you will thrive with this utilizing this tool.



2) Sales Reporting – “Easy to Use and Insightful”

Do you want to be able forecast your sales and progress towards reaching your company goals for each year or quarter? How about being able to keep track of the performance of your team with generating leads and keeping in contact with current customers?

Nutshell provides a variety of easy to read reports, and also allows you to easily create custom reports based on your unique needs.

3) Process Management – “Automated Sales Processes”

One of my favorite features of Nutshell is its Sales Process feature. This allows you to create multiple steps grouped into milestones to guide your sales reps and account managers with doing their jobs to the level of detail that you expect your business to provide its clients.



If you want additional information about this tool they offer great videos with more information. This site provides a variety of 2-3 minute videos of each of its features, and this video gives you a more in-depth introduction to everything Nutshell can do to help you connect smart. [youtube]

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