Declaring Your Independence - Startup Opportunities in Arizona

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July 9, 2012

Declaring Your Independence - Startup Opportunities in Arizona

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This past Wednesday was American Independence Day. A day where you might have had the day off, hung out with your family or friends for a BBQ (maybe even a pool party if you live in AZ), and enjoyed an evening of fireworks. You could say that the 4th of July is essentially a day to embrace the word “Freedom.”


That said, have you ever asked yourself what “Independence” or “Freedom” means to you?


If you are an entrepreneur or aspiring business owner in Arizona than answering that may be as difficult as what it may feel like to find support for your business venture – at least according to many circles I am involved with. While I can’t help you answer the first question, I can share some opportunities that I recently became aware of on the Edson End-of-Year PHX Startup Ecosystem Road Trip that I was a part of last week.


On this trip we took a bus tour of all the premier co-working spaces, incubators, and accelerator spaces throughout the Arizona Valley. The locations we visited included:



Each one these locations provide a wealth of opportunities for entrepreneurs of all ages, and for a variety of pursuits.


The three that stood out to me the most were MAC6, Co+Hoots, and SeedSpot. Here is a brief summary from each of their websites describing what each of those spaces provides, or for those in development, will be providing.




MAC6 is an early stage business incubator accelerating Conscious Capitalism through collaboration, creativity, community and change. The businesses we support seek to affect positive change in the world, while growing and sustaining long-term profitable business models.


The actual space for this location is still under development, though their purpose is very clearly defined. The vision of this incubator space is to be “Arizona’s #1 incubator for early stage companies committed to Conscious Capitalism for long-term growth.”


If you are the type of entrepreneur that follows’ Simon Sinek’s model of starting with WHY then this space could be your business’ next step; Mac is currently accepting “Incubee” Applications.




"CO+HOOTS is home to the creative class of photographers, designers, writers, PR, etc. who benefit from working together in a collaborative community and are willing to grow through coworking."


The essence of Co+Hoots is its passion and strength for collaboration. The moment you walk into the space you can sense a unique "oneness" to it. Most of the members of Co+Hoots are considered "solo-preneurs" though there are also a few companies that have their entire team nested in this space.


If you are looking for a place that you can immediately move into that will align you with other passionate and supportive individuals, then for a small monthly rent (or drop in fee) this place is perfect for you.




“SEED SPOT is an incubator in Phoenix, Arizona that supports early stage social entrepreneurs that are launching ventures that create a positive impact in the lives of people and communities on a local, national, or global scale.”


This space is also still under development, though their program has just opened up their application for their inaugural cohort of up to 20 ventures. Applications will be accepted from July 1 through August 30, and finalist will be announced by September 15.


If you are working on an early stage business (or simply have an idea that you can put on paper) and are looking for an accelerator program that will support you with evolving from your early phase, then submit your application to join this space.




So what does “Independence” or “Freedom” mean to you?


If it means being a social entrepreneur, pursuing your passions in a collaborative work environment, or making a positive change in the world through “Conscious Capitalism” than know that there is support and resources for you here in Arizona.


Explore these opportunities and if along the way you need some marketing assistance to grow your business to the next level than know that StringCan Interactive is also here to support you!



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