Don’t Let B2B Content Marketing Kill You

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August 7, 2015

Don’t Let B2B Content Marketing Kill You

James Grant helps create and implement innovate engagement strategies so that clients around the world can connect with their audience online and build relationships of value in trust in creative and effective ways.

Every SEO-minded person in the digital space understands the need for companies to be creating content. It not only boosts your Google search performance, but each piece of content also becomes a virtual billboard for your company, showcasing your expertise and trade. However, creating content that will attract other businesses is not that easy. Writing content that will attract the businesses you are targeting, is another story entirely.

There are a handful of obstacles businesses face when attempting to produce content for their audiences. Common problems businesses have with content creationinclude deciding what to write about, finding relevant topics that appeal to their audience and speak to their own expertise, and finding time to research those topics thoroughly. It can be a long and burdensome process, and for those of us who are not “natural writers,” this can be painful and often fruitless.

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As a “non-writer” who has embraced the growing need for writing business-specific content, in the last decade, I have had to hone my craft to make it worthwhile, effective, and efficient. Here are some basic hacks I often use that can also help you make sure you don’t let B2B-focused content creation kill you:

1. Confine your mind

It’s easy to let your mind wander while doing research for a specific topic. You start with browsing interesting articles at relevant websites, searching trending news articles online, scrolling through feeds on LinkedIn and Twitter, and talking to coworkers about the industry skuttle-butt. You need to identify places where true inspiration can come from, and limit yourself to those outlets.

2. Define your space

If you are a manufacturer, then writing about dolphins might not be the ideal topic. You need to identify the key themes and topics your target audience is interested in. The caveat? It needs to directly relate to your business or industry, or the topic will come off as super weird and unprofessional. Spending some time figuring out these areas of interest is extremely important.

3. Be specific

With increased specificity comes ease of application. The more specific of a subject you are speaking about, the easier it is to research, write, and read. Speaking in generalities is easy, getting value from such speak, not so much. You need to drill down and choose something specific to write about, and make sure it delivers some sort of specific and obvious value to your reader.

You can spend hours and hours spinning your wheels in the proverbial quicksand of brainstorming. Don’t do it! Your time is worth so much more, and you can’t afford to waste it. By following these three basic ideals, you will help eliminate wasted time while creating your B2B content. Any other suggestions you have for making the research and writing process better? Share below!

Image by star5112 and Marina Proniakova via Flickr CC

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