How To Create Effective Facebook Ads That Work

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January 25, 2011

How To Create Effective Facebook Ads That Work

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These days there is a lot of talking about businesses going social and how important it is to have a strong presence online. Unfortunately, many companies are merely following the herd and making the jump into social waters without testing them first. We at StringCan believe it is important to ask yourself "Is having a social presence right for our company? What are my customers really looking for from our brand?"


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Facebook is an unbelievably amazing resource for your business to connect with fans. It can be an extraordinarily great place to develop your brand persona in the eyes of the people who matter most, your customers! The only problem is, even if you have some amazing ideas and things to share, it can often be quite a difficult task to grow your Facebook fan base. Thankfully, the geniuses over at Facebook have revolutionized personal marketing and made connecting with your customers easier than ever been before thanks to Facebook advertising.

So, chances are you are probably aware of the amazing possibilities of Facebook advertising, but you may be confused on how you can you really leverage them to make the most of your brand's online experience. Well, StringCan is here to help break it down.

Why Having an Online Presence is Important The fact of the matter is, your brand is being talked about online and building a reputation whether you're there to be a part of it or not. The key is to be aware of that fact and be a part of it as much as possible.

As you know, for your business to do well it is important to be where the people are. These days that is most definitely online, and particularly on social sites! Having a strong online and social presence can really help your business build relationships with customers and influence the way people view your brand. Engaging your fans socially grants your business a unique opportunity to connect and discuss with the people who make your business happen. Listening and learning from your customers can be a great way to generate new ideas and establish your quick and effective customer service. It can also be a fantastic way to flaunt your brand's great reputation with customer reviews and discussions!

Why Facebook Advertising is Essential Advertising on Facebook has forever changed the way personal marketing will be approached. Never before has such precise targeting been available to ensure your ad is optimally seen by the people who are most interested in it. It is wise to take advantage of this personalized advertising to reach your fans; it is a great way to help grow your audience online so your company can remind customers just why they loved you in the first place and encourage them to come back for more.

Facebook advertising can really be the best bang for your buck in today's world of digital marketing. For a fraction of what other alternatives may cost, Facebook advertising can help marketers get insights into how different demographic groups respond to their brand and its message. Even the smallest businesses can create surprisingly effective campaigns with the nearly endless amount of targeting options based on specific interests, locations, and demographics.

How To Do It Well To truly be successful with Facebook advertising it is necessary to first understand your customer's habits and interests. Only after putting yourself in your customer's shoes and really taking time to understand them can you best pinpoint your brand's optimal fanbase and what it is they expect from you.

Overall, the process of creating successful Facebook ads is by no means a perfect science. It can often take a lot of trial and error to find a successful combination of targeting, ad copy, and imagery. Even if you do find that secret sauce, it may only be a temporary thing. I have seen truly brilliant ads only be successful for a few days, and others that run well for months. The important thing is to keep playing around with it and change up all the elements of your ads constantly. And as always, my advice is to keep it simple and exciting!

Once you have created a good ad and have got people looking at it, it is important to give those potential fans a reason to like your page with something that is exciting, interesting, and engaging. Is your page active? Do you post interesting content? Do you give fans an opportunity to share their voice and their thoughts? What is in it for them? Fans that check out your page before committing liking it need to see a reason to stick around.

Videos are quickly becoming a favorite medium and can offer something that viewers enjoy watching, sharing, and discussing. You can even imbed the like button into your videos so non-fans can have a chance to Like your page in the midst of watching your video. Pretty cool! Another great way to convert customers is to create a welcome page. This is a great place to instantly explain who your brand is and provide some fun and entertaining incentives for people to like your page (contests, giveaways, coupons, etc).


Why StringCan Does It Well While we at StringCan Interactive don't believe utilizing social media is right for every business, we will work to figure out the perfect course of action for your specific business. We understand how vital it is to really take the time to get to know your customers and step into their shoes. That way the ads created can reach the right audience with the right message. Growing your Facebook audience is not about quantity - it's about engaging the right fans and keeping them close.

The Facebook ads we have managed for our clients have seen some seriously amazing results. By carefully examining our client's competitors and taking a step back to really understand the customers, we are able to very accurately determine their interests. With this approach paired with a custom Facebook welcome page we developed, we were recently able to grow one of our client's pages from 500 to 2500 fans in just over a month.

At StringCan Interactive we want to make everything we do fun and interesting because, frankly, we love our jobs! We are passionate about marketing and connecting customers with businesses in a way that everyone wins! If you are considering growing your Facebook fanbase or leveraging Facebook advertising please drop us a line for a free 1 hour consultation to see if StringCan is the right match for your business!

Image via Opus Chicago

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