Big Changes To Facebook Insights Analytics + New Tool For Facebook Fan Pages:

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October 13, 2011

Big Changes To Facebook Insights Analytics + New Tool For Facebook Fan Pages: "People Talking About This"

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Last week Facebook launched some major updates to Insights, Facebook's integrated analytics tool for fan pages. Accompanied with the new analytics update is a interesting feature called "People Talking About This." This new tool is designed to measure conversations happening about a brand or page owner across the web. Page Insights Tool

The new changes to Facebook Insights primarily revolve around sharing on pages due to the growing importance that sharing has on a brand's reach. Research shows that word-of-mouth conversations amongst friends are the most influential form of marketing to portray a brand's message. Through easy to understand visuals, the new features show page administrators what is working to get people talking and sharing their social content and what is not.

Facebook has conveniently integrated this new analytics update into a tab located on your fan page that is only viewable by page admins. This makes staying informed about how users interact with your page and social content even easier.

Some of the new Facebook Insight features include:

  • Insights tab on your fan page (only viewable by page administrators)
  • Diagrams of how a page's social content reaches people - beyond their fans
  • See Total Likes, how many Facebook friends your fans have, the new public and internal Pages metric, "People Talking About This", and Weekly Total Reach of a Page
  • Detailed insights to individual status updates, links, photos, videos, or questions including: Reach, User Engagement, People Talking About This, Virality
  • New Fan Page Insights API for developers so that they can create customized Page Insights solutions to fit their client's needs.
Facebook Insights Update - StringCan Interactive


"People Talk About This" - What You Need To Know

This new feature offers a deeper look at how Facebook users are interacting with brands on Facebook by examining a variety of content about brands and their page owners. Facebook factors in content that people choose to share through Facebook that is eligible to appear in a user's news feed such as:

  • Liking a Page
  • Posting to a Page’s Wall
  • Liking, commenting or sharing a Page's status update (link, video, picture, etc)
  • Answering a Question
  • RSVP-ing to an Event
  • Mentioning a Page
  • Phototagging a Page
  • Checking into a Place
  • Liking or sharing a check-in deal


Facebook People Talking About This - StringCan Interactive


The metric refreshes daily, but goes back a week. This means the People Talking About This number hosted on the fan page is an accurate representation of the amount of users discussing that brand for the past 7 days. More detailed information going back as far as a month can be found within Insights. Facebook Insights hosts additional user engagement data and charts from this new feature and can be accessed through the tab on the fan page, or at

This new feature will grant page administrators of Facebook fan pages new insight into how their fans interact with their page on a much closer and more intimate level. We are excited to see how businesses leverage this new tool to connect with fans and interact with the competition. Let us know what you think about the new Facebook Insights changes including the "People Talking About This" feature. Comment below or join the conversation on our Facebook page.

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