Facebook Upgrades On-Site Search By Leveraging Open Graph Network

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January 15, 2013

Facebook Upgrades On-Site Search By Leveraging Open Graph Network

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By now, we have all started to see the power of Facebook’s Open Graph take shape in the online community both on and off of Facebook. By enhancing digital experiences with social and personalized information, Facebook has helped shape the direction for the web’s future. Today’s announcement from Facebook was yet another large stride for the social media mecca by revealing plans to integrate it’s Open Graph network into the on-site search field for what is being called Facebook’s Graph Search.

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Facebook’s current on-site search platform doesn’t do a whole lot of good unless you are searching for a particular page or person on Facebook. Beyond that, Facebook’s search has always been pretty limited. Facebook’s Graph Search will help personalize searches on its site by leveraging the countless amounts of data users have shared with Facebook that has been captured by it’s Open Graph Network over the last few years. This update will require a complete overhaul of how Facebook will index and leverage its collected data to offer users an interactive platform to tap into the value Facebook has built.

This new search platform will allow users to search against that captured data in almost any way they can think up. For example, imagine instead of posting a status update asking your friends what their favorite, nearby restaurants are, you can just pop the question into the search field to get immediate and more inclusive results. From a business perspective this new search feature can help provide networking opportunities in a more social, casual setting than LinkedIn is able to deliver. As a business owner, maybe you would search for which of your friends has a connection that works at a company and then leverage your friends to make the connection.

This change helps Facebook become an authority for local search, networking, and beyond. We may soon see Facebook try to give Google, Yelp, LinkedIn, and Match.com a run for their money. Get a glimpse of Facebook’s Graph Search live in action in the video below.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SD951tHz38g]

So far Facebook has yet to discuss how this new search platform will relate to its own business goals. There has yet to be any public statement discussing how Facebook ads will tap into this new feature, whether or not Facebook will include its own content in search results, etc. For now we will just have to sit back and watch how this new Graph Search feature unfolds.

Personally, we are excited to see Facebook make the much-needed improvements to its search platform. This has been a long time coming. We can expect to see a mixed reaction from users as changes on Facebook are never taken well at first. Privacy will be a large concern for many users, but individual settings can be changed on user profiles to determine what information can and cannot be shared. Once fully integrated we expect to see a welcoming of this long overdue change in a big way. Personalized search results that leverage individual networks are a big step to making the world wide web feel just a little bit smaller.

Let us know your thoughts on this new update and what you hope to see from Facebook in the future.

Image via Engadget

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