Facebook Twitter Debate 2012: Who has your vote?

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September 7, 2012

Facebook Twitter Debate 2012: Who has your vote?

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Is it no longer enough to capture political debates through traditional print and media? Last night, Thursday, September 6, 2012, Barack Obama dropped a tweet that would shatter the record on twitter about political speeches – 52,000 tweets PER MINUTE: “@BarackObama [10:14pm] “If you’re willing to stand with me, and vote for me, & organize with me, we will finish what we started”. Let’s go back in time to the 2008 election. The presidential debate brought in about 1.8 million tweets in 2008– a fraction compared to 2012. To put this into perspective, Twitter servers see that amount of tweets every 60 minutes. Facebook was obsolete in the way it is used today to leverage votes by candidates. It was merely a tool for college students to find the new cool bar in town. Today it is now the debate arena of over 950 million people who log on and actively post.

Is this about what candidate has more likes on Facebook's vs more tweets on twitter? Or is it simply about being aware that your competition may have a bigger social media network? According to sfgate.com “First lady Michelle Obama’s speech Tuesday [9/4/12] night captivated Twitter, inspiring more than double the tweets per minute of Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s address Aug. 30.” Taking a look through Mitt Romney’s tweets over the course of these speeches you can clearly see they reflect on the verbal bash of Obama.

Today you will see our candidates tweeting regularly, posting through instagram, and even using blog networks like Tumblr to reach their potential voters! Where is the end in site – pun intended.

Let us not be taken for fools to honestly think President Obama wakes up and sits down for tea with the first lady uploading instragram photos with #breakfast #firstlady #muffins. All these candidate’s campaigns are thoroughly processed through a network of digital strategy gurus on their payroll. Let me hit you with a few big name firms like Targeted Victory and Blue State Digital to get your digi-nerd gears in motion.

Looking at Obama’s Twitter followers [19,447,607] vs Mitt Romney [1,065,147] he puts on the smile and charm for those 19million plus soon to be tweeters and bloggers.

So what are Facebook and Twitter doing about all this donkey vs elephant overload? Twitter has created a Political Index which handles over 400 million tweets a day to say yea or nah to Obama v Romney debates. If that does not sound extreme – Facebook courted CNN and had a baby cnn.com/fbinsights that allows users to see the trends in different states of what age and gender is saying about what candidate. This is insanity, madness, yet such a beautiful interlocking love of social media and politics it brings me to tears.

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