Facebook's New Comment Editing Feature

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June 22, 2012

Facebook's New Comment Editing Feature

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Picture this; a person who likes your Facebook page, posts on your wall with a question or opinion about your company… You reply back and then it happens… it starts in slow motion, as you’re just taking your finger off the Enter key. You realize there’s a mistake, what you said isn’t how you wanted to say it, or there’s an embarrassing typo… but it’s too late, your comment is posted. Your eyes open ten times the normal size and you get that sick feeling… They’ve seen it and you’re doomed… You rush to delete it and try to put back what you wanted to say but your fan has already received a notification of a comment that takes them nowhere, realizing that you had a bit of a mishap.

But, wait!

After the millions of things that the social networking power house has made us change, like forcing everyone to adapt to the Timeline feature and constantly changing the layout, they’re finally on our side, a change that nobody is going to complain about; the new feature where you can edit your comments after posting them.

Now, take this time to breathe that sigh of relief...

This new feature can be useful for anyone and everyone, especially businesses. I’m sure we’re all in agreement that if you’re the administrator for your company’s business page and you post something that has a typo or can be misunderstood, that may have a bad effect on your business, especially if you are in the business of writing, editing, online marketing, etc. Also, your potential clients research you before they get in contact with you, creating a vision of what it would be like to work with you before you can even meet them, and in some cases, an error on your social media pages, that are supposed to represent you in a positive way, can cause you to lose opportunities.

The reason why a business uses social media to promote their company is so they can show their business from their own standpoint, choosing how they want to represent themselves on a more interactive platform then their company website and they have complete control of what goes on their page. So now this editing feature of Facebook helps you gain control in that time where you are most frantic, when you read over the already posted comment and see a mistake or when it’s too late and one of your followers calls you out on it… Now just take a few simple steps to fix the problem!

Here’s how it’s done:

When you realize there is a mistake after sending it through, just put your cursor over the top right corner of your comment’s box and a pencil should appear with the options to Edit or Delete…

Take a gander:


2012-06-22 _11h17_21


I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this...

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