Foursquare's Election App vs Google's Election Tool

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September 6, 2012

Foursquare's Election App vs Google's Election Tool

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With the 2012 Election drawing near, social media is where users are going to discuss last minute topics, learn about any updates and see what their peers' views are. So some social media platforms are making adjustments and creating new features that bring attention to themselves during this election process. Foursquare seems to lead the pack with the best app. Facebook is the obvious leader when it comes to interaction with others, being the page that everyone goes to discuss topics after every debate or news conference, to the point where it can get old. But they’re lacking a helpful app about statistics for each state, important information to consider for your state when you vote and where your voting locations are. Thanks to Foursquare and Google, social media is encouraging people to vote and making it easier.

Foursquare released their new election app recently called I Voted, powered by Google Civic Information API. This app will make you the know-it-all voter, getting you prepared and ready to make the most informed decision on Election Day and all you need is to have a Foursquare account.

In their blog, Foursquare says to “Connect the ‘I Voted’ app to your Foursquare account today. You’ll be able to find your polling station and learn about the candidates and propositions that will be on your ballot ahead of time.” Along with your polling location, it lets you know what type of identification you need and the candidates that will appear on your ballot.

Another reason this app is a must is the ability to “See America voting in real time.” Foursquare announced that if you go to on Election Day you will be able to see how the voting is going across the whole country by being able to see where people are checking-in at their stations in every state. At the moment, the site isn't live, they’re using it right now as the page for providing you with information about the app, but once Election Day comes around, it will be up and running. There seems to be a Google map in the background, insinuating that you may be able to see geographic statistics of the votes by state and where people are checking in from their polling stations.

Along with Foursquare’s I Voted app, Google created an Election Day tool , taking most of the information necessary for you to vote and putting it into one place. You can type in your address and your nearest early and election day voting locations will pop up on the map. It also involves trends, where there is a line graph displaying the trends of each candidate’s popularity. The insight feature provides you with demographics and statistics of every debate, as well as on specific key issues. And there is also a primary results feature that displays a color-coded map of which states the candidates win.


Screenshot of Google Politics & Elections


So while you do need to have a foursquare account to access the live voting on election day, as well as an account to download the app, it seems more beneficial and more interactive than Google’s new tool, and plus, for you Foursquare fanatics, they’re giving away Election Day badges to anyone using the #ivoted hashtag when they check in at their voting location. If you don’t use Foursquare, Google’s tool is worth the use as well, but expand your social media experience, create your own Foursqaure account and start checking in! It’s a fun, exciting new way to connect with others in your area and find new places to check out!

November 6th is only days away, download I Voted!! Let us know which you prefer, the app or the tool?

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