Google Analytics Review and the Top 3 Things To Monitor For Businesses

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February 15, 2011

Google Analytics Review and the Top 3 Things To Monitor For Businesses

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Google Analytics is a free and powerful service that offers a wide variety of web analytics tools to help you learn more about your website and how people interact with it. Over the years this service has evolved to offer some really unique and helpful tools to grant deeper and more accurate insight into the usage of your website. When we sit down with our clients and discuss their websites, many of them are not aware of the numerous analytics features going unused. Many are not even aware that they exist as they often look no further than their total number of hits and where their customers are coming from. So, StringCan decided to create a quick post discussing the benefits of Google Analytics and the importance they hold in the success of your website.

With so much quality information stuffed into each page of Google Analytics it's not hard to get caught up endlessly digging through all the data and charts at your fingertips. One could easily spend days deciphering this information and still not find the answers they are looking for. For this reason, it is essential to know exactly what questions you are truly trying to answer and just focus in on a small set of metric.

Google Analytics can help answer questions such as:

  • How are visitors using my site?
  • How can I make my marketing campaigns more effective and accountable?
  • Am I creating effective content?
  • Where and why are visitors abandoning my shopping cart?
  • How do I improve site interaction?

While there are certainly many benefits of spending countless hours comparing data, crunching numbers, and examining figures within Google Analytics, many business owners simply do not have the time. Google understands that. Google Analytics have updated its services to be more user friendly to help you find what exactly what you are looking for without having to put in countless hours of time and stress.

What Are The Benefits of Looking At Website Analytics

  • Understand how people access your website
  • Make informed site and content decisions
  • Increase conversions
  • Measure keyword and ad performance
  • Track a wide variety of metrics
  • Benchmark against competitors
  • All data collected is anonymous and is not shared with any 3rd parties
  • Customized email reports
  • Scheduled reports and alerts

Top 3 Things To Look At


Google Analytics Alerts

        Google Analytics intelligence offers a set of alerts that notify you of interesting trends in your analytics data, 24/7. When something out of the ordinary happens it is important to be alerted to that information right away so you can analyze the data and decide what forms of action are most appropriate to take. These alerts help you focus on information you might have otherwise been missed while sifting through pages of data. Google Analytics also contains features that allow historical data to be examined and compared to determine trends that might appear over time. Google Analytics has Automatic Alerts already integrated into its system, but you can additionally add custom alerts focused around your own variables and rules to help you target what is most important to your individual site.



Compare data

          The calendar feature within Google Analytics is a great way to see data over a period of time, but this information can become far more valuable when compared to historical data of previous time periods. Comparing detailed data with easy-to-understand charts and figures can grant some new perspective that may not have been seen before. Google makes it easy by calculating the difference in numbers for you and presenting the information in a quick, overview comparison. With these features you can compare data from year to year, month to month, or even day to day. It's a great way to understand what visitors to your website are looking at and learn how to better spark their interests. To access this feature, just click “Compare to past” in the calendar and it will let you select the time period you wish to compare.



Set goals

          From a certain number of sales to a desired number of leads, every website has objectives that is wants to achieve. With so many features available, Google Analytics makes tracking these goals very simple for any business owner and can help decide if you are spending your money in the right ways. These tools allow you to get a great understanding of where customers are coming from and how those customers behave on your website. So for example, if you believed that the majority of your traffic comes from Facebook and Twitter you may spend many hours on those sites trying to draw in customers. Using Google Analytics you can not only tell you if your customers are actually coming from Facebook and Twitter, you can also see statistics on how frequently those users make a purchase, how long they stay on your website, etc. Insights such as these can be very valuable to understand the habits of your customers and how to best form your goals around the ways in which they interact with your website.


Conclusion What you think your website is used for does not matter; it is how customers actually interact with it that holds the real importance. Your brand is defined by what your customers perceive it as, and your website works the same way. It is important to examine web analytics to see how your visitors behave and what they are/are not interested in. Make it a habit to check your analytics data and use that information to develop goals and adjust plans to best suit your customers needs.


Keep in mind, the information is only valuable if you take the time to understand it and is only as good as what you do with it. The team at StringCan is Google Analytics certified and can help you with analyzing your current analytics and let you know where we see opportunity. Contact us to set up a free consultation if you are interested in learning more and maximizing your website's potential.

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