How Blogs Can Improve or Hurt Your Website's Engagement and SEO

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November 3, 2011

How Blogs Can Improve or Hurt Your Website's Engagement and SEO

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It's no secret that blogs can be a powerful component to your digital marketing strategy for growing your website and connecting with users. However, while blogs can offer a wealth of resources for your website, they can also be a double-edged sword. Knowing how to get the most value out of your blog is a skill that not many businesses have.

Take a look at how blogs can benefit your business when used correctly or how they can harm your brand when neglected.

How Blogs Can Help Your Website

  • Increase Search Rankings - Blogs can help your website get found for targeted keywords by publishing frequent and consistent content around topics relating to your brand and your customers.
  • Direct Linking To Your Website - Sharing your blog's content though your social pages will bring readers directly to your website. This can provide an opportunity to encourage customers to check out what the rest of your website has to offer.
  • Attract an Audience - Draw customers to your website for targeted phrases they are searching for. Offer valuable and consistent content to increase user interaction.
  • Interact and Learn - Blogs offer a great way to increase engagement with users and learn their interests, needs, and insights. Keep communication and conversations flowing with comments, surveys, and feedback forums.
  • Increase Sales - Leveraging a blog to highlight product reviews or to showcase your services can be a great way to highlight what your business does best and get readers excited about your business.
  • Build Loyalty - Blogs offer a reason for your fans to return to consistent your website. Credible and helpful articles can help build relationships and trust.
  • Become the Authority - Dedicate your blog to a topic of interest from your consumers and become the go-to expert for information and knowledge.
  • Building Your Brand - A blog can be a great way to express the personality of your brand. Don't be afraid to humanize your business with fun articles - if your content is fun and creative your customers may start to build a connection and come back for more.

How Neglected Blogs Can Hurt Your Website

  • Poor Communication - Not responding to reader's comments and feedback can make your brand look negligent. Regularly monitor your blog and respond to all conversations.
  • Credibility - Not staying consistent with frequent content on your blog can give readers the illusion that you may manage your business in the same way you manage your blog. If you have a blog on your website you need to make a commitment to uphold its value.
  • Uninformed - If your brand is not discussing the current and important issues in your field your customers may turn their loyalty to other sources for the information they need.
  • SEO - While it may not be a negative effect, articles that lack optimization for targeted key phrases can be a missed opportunity for connecting with readers

How frequently do you post content to your blog? Are you consistent? How do you choose what you will write about? Let us know is the comments below or share your thoughts on our Facebook page.

Image by Dave via Flickr CC

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