How BuzzFeed is Staying Relevant

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April 8, 2015

How BuzzFeed is Staying Relevant

Claire is a curious and motivated digital marketing intern with a the love for digital marketing business.

Advancing technology is changing media today. Many businesses are becoming part of several different social media platforms just to keep up with the rest of their industry/competitors. Social is becoming the “new” way consumers are interacting with businesses and peers, and according to “Shareaholic,” it is now the number one source of referral traffic.

BuzzFeed, the American Internet news media company, has maintained relevance during this changing time. From quizzes for consumers to “21 Creative and Delicious Ways To Use Up Leftover Easter Candy,” BuzzFeed has it all. Today, many people rely on social not only for entertainment, but also news. BuzzFeed knows how to target its consumers by providing, well, just about everything: entertainment, news, life, quizzes, videos, and more!

Here are a few reasons how Buzzfeed, and other successful companies, have been able to stay relevant:

Engaging Content

When making social posting decisions, you need to know your audience. Many consumers today aren’t as engaged by words and paragraphs; they are engaged by creative titles, pictures, infographics and videos. If you know who you are trying to target, relevant content becomes easier to create. Leverage the power of keywords and hashtags to create a connection between you and your consumer. Along with having the right content, you need to make sure you have the right timing. According to research, there are certain days and times of the week that each platform has the most engagement. Follow those tips to make sure you are posting your content at the best time possible!

Be Consistent

Consumers love familiarity. Staying consistent on your website and social media platforms will create that familiarity because consumers will see and recognize your brand more often. Consistently creating high-quality and high-value posts can be tricky, but there are several tools that can help make your life easier, such as HootSuite, SocialOomph, TweetDeck, and many more.

Mobile Friendly

As we see daily, consumers spend a significant amount of time on their smartphones. If your content is not mobile friendly, you are losing a lot of traffic! BuzzFeed gets over 60% of its traffic from mobile, which shows that it is increasingly important to make sure internet-users have an excellent mobile experience.

Content Designed for Sharing

Because the social world has become very popular, having sharable content becomes an important part of the equation of posting. Whether you are working with a 140-character blurb on Twitter or an infographic on your Pinterest board, having the ability to share these items will help engage more internet-users.

By implementing these useful ways to stay relevant, more consumers will discover and engage with your content. This way, your content will be more valuable and effective than ever before!

Any other tips or tricks? We'd love to hear them! Please comment below.

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