The New MySpace – It's Alive And Bringing Sexy Back

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February 7, 2013

The New MySpace – It's Alive And Bringing Sexy Back

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Screenshot from MySpace account

 MySpace is alive again! Like a zombie resurrected from the dead, but this is no ordinary zombie – its slick, stylish, well educated, and equipped with a boombox ready to get the party started! And this time, it’s personal. Ok ok, I know what you’re thinking. Let me be the first to say that in the world of digital marketing MySpace has been the center of bad jokes and chuckles for the last 5 or so years. While it doesn’t take a digital strategist and avid music lover like myself to see why MySpace failed in the past, I can now say that this rebirth of the once dormant social platform seems to be a bullseye. I just hope the damage done to the brand in the past does not discourage users from using the amazing new platform.

Some may argue that MySpace was never truly dead from a music standpoint, and they may be right; however the brilliant team at MySpace has rebuilt the entire platform to bring music to a top focus with personality and flair like no other social platform I’ve seen.

If you haven’t checked it out yet it’s absolutely worth your time. I am in love with the new slick design and usability of the site. It’s great for musicians, record labels, or just listening to a few tunes while surfing the net.


While I’m not a fan of adding any more social networks to the already unmanageable number of account I already have, the new MySpace is a little of the best from everything. It’s just too good to turn down! It’s a little bit like this...

All of these pieces and more come together to create a really unique, personalized, and musical experience with a user interface that makes me drool on my keyboard a little bit.


  • Sideways Scrolling
    – The slick new design is the first thing to grab my attention. MySpace has built a user interface that is unique and captivating
  • Type To Search – Goodbye search bar - just start typing! No matter where you are on the site, just start typing the name of an artist, album, song, mix, or even friends. A very easy to use search results page displays everything you could ever want to find.
  • Building Connections - Similar to LinkedIn you can build connections to your favorite artists, albums, songs, videos, mixes, and more. It’s similar to liking a page on Facebook, but this system builds a far deeper network that connects you to exactly what you love.
  • News Feed – Like Facebook, you can see the activity of the things you have connected with. You can see recent updates, pictures, music, even what they’ve been listening to.
  • Add Songs To Status Updates – Anytime you want to share a status you can incorporate a song with your posting. Neat!
  • Sharing Activity – MySpace captures all of your activity on the site and shares it in your profile, but only if you want it to. It’s a cool way to log what you’ve enjoyed and what you want to listen to again.
  • Your Music Queue – Build our your playlist of whatever you want to listen to by adding songs to your queue. MySpace will keep this list playing at the bottom of the screen and will resume right where you left off when you return to the site.
  • Integrated Video – This is debatably one of the coolest features to the new site. You can watch videos either in full screen or minimized in the corner of your screen while you enjoy the full functionality of the site.
  • Event Calendar – See when your favorite artists are touring and get links to buy tickets.
  • Music Discovery – When you’re on an artist’s page you can see their top fans, similar artists, and who inspires them. This is a great way to find new music and expand what you’re listening to.


As of now, I am very impressed with the brand’s rebirth and what they’ve done from a UI and features standpoint. It’s clear they’re put some serious thought into what they want this platform to be. However, there are still a handful of things I would like to see as the website continues to evolves.

  • Personalized Discovery – The current Discovery tab is a great idea to help users find new music, but to increase it’s value it should be personalized to what users have connected to and build smart recommendations on new music.
  • Improved Radio – It’s amazing to see such a in depth network of music that can be streamed in radio format for free without any ads! I don’t know how they do it, but it’s great. Unfortunately (and understandably), they do not yet have the intelligent algorithms that Pandora has. I hope to see that improve in time.
  • YouTube Integration – I love to see that MySpace is viewing Facebook and Twitter as a partner not a competitor. I would love to see the same with YouTube to allow users and artists to easily build mixes with videos from YouTube.
  • User Submissions – It would be great to see a change where users could upload content not currently on the site to improve the user experience for pages not fully developed.
  • Sharing Music – Currently, there is a big problem of sharing music. If I’m listening to a song I like I can add it to my profile, a mix, or a status update. I can even message it to a friend, but only if they’re online. That’s frustrating and a new system should be implemented to allow music to be shared easily.


Overall I am very excited for this network to continue to grow and populate with users and content. As it matures, and hopefully reclaims its brand’s position in the industry, I am confident MySpace will flourish into something amazing and well received.

Check out the recent growth to the network since its official relaunch less than a month ago on January 13th.

Connect with us through our agency page on MySpace at and keep an ear to the street for the noise MySpace is surly soon to make in the coming months.

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