How To Create A Video Marketing Campaign To Significantly Boost Website Traffic & Sales

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February 12, 2013

How To Create A Video Marketing Campaign To Significantly Boost Website Traffic & Sales

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StringCan Interactive welcomes it’s very first guest blogger Danielle Thomas. Danielle is a graduate from Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California, now working as a freelance writer, entrepreneur and researcher. She covers a wide range of topics for with a particular interest in technology, the Internet, and the emerging business systems of the 21st century.


Until the last few years, online marketing was centered upon text based advertisements and writing articles to boost SEO. These tactics are definitely still relevant and effective, but they are quickly losing ground to video-based efforts. Common sense will tell you that people are much more likely to click play on a video than they are to read a 600 word article, such as this one. Actually, think about this. Right now you are reading an article on creating video marketing campaign. If you had the choice to see someone in front of a camera break down the same insights that will be shared in this article, which would you prefer? Probably the video. And that is the response over 80% of internet users will give.

Become The Expert 

No matter what type of product or service you sell, you can become the expert. And you can share your expertise for free via video. One of the most successful video marketers of the last decade has been Gary Vaynerchuck of As you provide the marketplace with expert knowledge, sales will happen.

How To Make It Happen

 There are few ways you can get started with video marketing. One way is to start out with an iPhone or webcam and simply take simple shots of yourself ranting on some aspect of your product, service or industry. A basic video editing software, such as Camtasia, only costs about a hundred bucks, and it is very easy to use. Then, simply upload your videos to Youtube and give them titles that are relevant to keywords people would search for in your industry.

Also, upload the videos to your website and other video portals, such as Vimeo. The more places the videos are, the better. Now, you can also step up your game immediately and buy a Canon Rebel 2Ti. This camera can be picked up used for about $400, and this will take your video presentation to a completely different level.

How Often?

Don’t wait too long in the early days. Try to get a new video out perhaps twice per week. Don’t worry about running out of things to talk about. Once you get into video marketing and get comfortable in front of the camera, you will be amazed how easy it is to talk forever about what you love to do.

How To Boost Traffic To Videos?

Interviews with people of influence. The same principles that apply to boosting your blog traffic apply here. A common tactic is to guest post on another person’s blog. Instead of guest posting, consider an interview with someone that has significant presence and following in your space or a closely related space. Generally, people like talking about themselves, and most online internet business folks are open to the idea of interviews.

The Comments

Make sure to stay very active in the comments below your videos. It does little good if you shoot amazing videos, actually get responses from people, and then don’t engage! Keep an eye on questions, and even consider asking your audience for requests for future videos

Image by Tim & Chrissie Home via Flickr CC

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