The Importance Of A Mobile Web Strategy Beyond Mobile Apps

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July 21, 2011

The Importance Of A Mobile Web Strategy Beyond Mobile Apps

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There is no longer any denying the importance of mobile presence for businesses big and small. By 2012 20% of all searches are expected to come from mobile and it is important that your business have a strong presence in this new market to ensure you are being found by your potential customers. There are many effective ways to have your business noticed through the ever-expanding mobile market, but the biggest buzz these days is definitely about creating apps. While this hype definitely holds merit in the marketing industry as proven by countless examples from companies in all fields, in actuality mobile apps may not be right for every business, particularly B2B.


Recent research from ECSB has shown the following:

"Small business owners using their mobile devices in B2B scenarios are divided in their use of apps and web-based services. Although 50% of small business owners said they would be willing to download an app from a business supplier, currently only 10% have done so. In contrast, a third of owners have accessed a supplier’s website from a mobile device."

This high use of mobile web indicated that for many B2B companies a mobile web strategy can be far more effective than the use of mobile applications that are frequently expensive and time consuming to create. The same can be said for a variety of B2C companies as well. Instead of jumping on the bandwagon to follow the hype with mobile apps, it is wise to consider your alternative options for mobile strategy.

To be successful in mobile your business should focus its resources on the following:

  • Building a mobile friendly version of your website to increase usability and lower bounce rates
  • Optimize across all three mobile platforms (BlackBerry, iPhone, and Android)
  • Develop web-based interfaces for increased functionality and flexibility
  • Utilize mobile PPC campaigns and advertisements
  • Consider sponsoring other applications relevant to your brand
  • Utilize QR codes to send consumers to your mobile website

Mobile is still an untamed frontier that is vastly expanding every day. Whatever approach is right for your brand, we encourage you to take advantage of the opportunities at hand and get a head up on your competition before you are left in the dust. The mobile revolution is just around the corner. Stay prepared with a well thought out mobile strategy customized to the needs of your brand.

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