How to Improve Your Business' Social Media - Week 3 - Pinterest

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January 16, 2013

How to Improve Your Business' Social Media - Week 3 - Pinterest

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Hey all! Welcome to week 3 of our social media themed blog! This week it's time for the somewhat less familiar business social media platform, Pinterest. Some companies overlook Pinterest, looking at it as a site that can't do anything for them because it's all about pictures, wondering how a picture-based site can benefit them in any way. Well for those of you who have jumped on the Pinterest train, high five! You're probably ahead of most of your competitors! So let's get this rolling, this week we want to help those of you who have a Pinterest page, and also possibly interest the minds of you that do not. To make sure you are using Pinterest to its fullest potential we are going to provide you with some important steps that will have nothing but a positive impact.

How to Promote a Business via Pinterest Marketing
Image by Michigan BD via Flickr CC

Make sure the page speaks to your brand. Some businesses often get their Pinterest pages all wrong, they may put the company logo and a nice description about who they are, but that's it. By skipping some essentials like creating boards that target your audience or clients, along with syncing Pinterest to the other social media platforms, you are losing the opportunities for your clients and potential clients or fans to be able to find you. Go over your page before you continue to the next step, make sure that your boards fit your brand and your page is linked to all other social media.

Help your SEO. When writing your bio, keep it short and interesting, but make sure that there are keywords inside the bio that will help your company show up in search more often. The keywords will help with SEO and make your life a little easier when it comes to that. And make sure you at a link to your website to your bio!

Pin, re-pin and follow. Say it with me: "pin... re-pin...follow"... Pinning is what drives the traffic to your page. Make sure you're putting up pictures that have a link to your main website or wherever you would want your followers to go to from the Pinterest page. Re-pinning also drives traffic. Both your own pins and the repinning of others' get you on the homepage of Pinterest for your followers, along with anyone that has interests in those categories and your followers' followers. By doing so you can gain more recognition through your followers' pins that you are now posting and pinning them to one of your boards. Follow the pinners that like your pins, or that you think have similar interests to your company.

Look at your followers' followers. Expand your fanbase by looking at your followers' followers. You are already looking at that one person who may have an interest in what you do, so there's a high chance that they also have people that follow them that have the same interested and would also be intrigued by your business. Start following them to get your brand to reach them too!

Search, search, search. Everyday you should search for keywords that relate to your business. For example, StringCan would search for "SEO" or "Social Media Marketing" and we would re-pin any infographics or pictures that will benefit us by gaining more followers. By doing this you can also reach people that you didn't know about who either have a business like yours or would be interested in working with you based on their boards.

Hashtag. Hashtagging often gets overlooked on Pinterest. It can be what puts you ahead of your competitors because by hashtagging the descriptions of the pictures you post, it makes it easier for them to show up in search in comparison to pictures without hashtags. Even when you re-pin other pinners' pictures, add a description with hashtags in it to the picture.

Add your company blogs to the page. Use the pictures you put in your blogs as the pictures on your Pinterest board. And add a board about the Office Life, you will be able to add more broad hashtags that will be easier to search for like "#pinball" if you're playing pinball at the office or "#pingpong" or even just "#fun," or all three together!

Add Pinterest badges wherever you can. Add the "Pin it" badges to all of your other social media pages, post a comments or tweet about your Pinterest and provide them with a link to get to your page to drive more traffic. Make sure you add badges to your main website as well, next to your other social media badges that way they can see you have a Pinterest too.

Image by Paul Crowe via Spice Up Your Blog

These are just a few basic tips to make sure you're doing when managing your business Pinterest page. By following them you're headed in the right direction, and that direction would be ahead of your competition.

Please let us know if you have any other questions or tips that you think we missed!

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Images by:

Michigan BD via Flickr CC

Paul Crowe via Spice Up Your Blog

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