Instagram Adds Badges to Promote Your Business

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November 29, 2012

Instagram Adds Badges to Promote Your Business

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Already created an Instagram account for your business? Listen up for a way for you to enhance your web profiles! If you don't have an account yet, keep reading, and see why you need to create one right away.


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Nowadays, Instagram is not only mobile, but has recently transitioned into the creation of web profiles. Check out our previous Instagram blog that explains the creation and benefits of the web profiles, especially for a business. And when you read it, you may have questions like "How can I promote this? I don't want to just stick the actual link to our web profile on our website," well, no need for that pondering my friend.

Instagram has recently created badges in order for you to be able to promote your page and send people to your web profile. All you have to do is promote your Instagram like you promote your Facebook and Twitter and you'll see an increase in your followers and your business' name will begin to spread.

Not only does the fact that you have an Instagram account in the first place show that you are modern and up to date with new trends but Instagram gives your business the chance to show some personality. It's not all about being serious when it comes to Instagram. You can use it to have contests, giveaways, take pictures of the daily office life, and just show that your team has a great personality because that is who people want to work for.

If you already have an Instagram and need to know how to get the badges, all you have to do is go to your web profile which is or you can go to If you are adding it via your web profile, click on your username in the top right corner and choose "Badges." All you have to do is choose which size badge you would like and copy the link they give you and post it on any platforms you would like, blogs, websites, social media, etc.

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Here at StringCan we created an Instagram and we use it to show who we are, as well as acknowledge our clients so we can not only gain ourselves some notoriety but also provide our clients with potential interested customers. So we use the badges on our blogs, websites and social media accounts to gain audience and show how our pictures are a mix of office life, events of our clients that we attend, as well as our out of office fun. It shows that we're not just a serious, hard working agency, but we like to have fun while working with our clients, always making sure we remain who we are, while getting our work done the best way we can for our clients.

So when you want to promote your personality, your Instagram that is, take advantage of the new badge feature, place it anywhere that you promote your other social media pages. Place it on your Facebook, announce your creation of your account on Twitter, place the badge on your blogs and on your website. Give your Instagram the chance to promote your business in a fun, exciting and new way!

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Images by: Maykel Loomans via Dribble and pcmag

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