Key Tips for Creating Your Business' Website

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September 10, 2012

Key Tips for Creating Your Business' Website

Our Digital Scientists are made up of tech-loving, results-oriented, passionate, digital marketing nerds who have an unnatural obsession with all things digital. Most likely seen glued to a screen and spewing new digital marketing trends.

Due to the quick and easy access of the internet, the majority of interest in your brand is being sparked by a potential customer's first look at your website, therefore, making your business' site one of the most important components to your success.


If you have a great business site, every question the buyer has can be answered, every thought about the visual appeal of your brand can be confirmed, or proven wrong (if those thoughts were somehow negative.) A business site can save your business, increase profit and separate your brand from your competition who lack in the design of their sites.

Here's some ways you can make the most out of them with the right approaches and planning.

The initial appeal of the website deals with the buyers' eyes, and the way your site looks can either help you or hurt you significantly. Create a design and layout that is easy on the eyes and even easier to navigate. Remember, most of these buyers don’t have all the time in the world to figure out where everything is on the site, utilize clear and concise navigation and keep it short and to the point.

Next, think, “How are people getting to our site?” Most deals are made due to the discovery of a brand through word of mouth, whether it’s through meeting someone or interacting with your brand on social media platforms. Work on making sure your site shows up well on search engines, obviously your goal is to be the first one on the first page of any and all major search engines. Use tools like Firefox's Rank Checker and the Google Adwords Keyword Tool to research your competitors' rankings and figure out how you can get your pages to surpass theirs.

Here's an introductory video on Rank Checker provided by

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Here's a video on the Google Adwords Keyword tool:

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So, how do you show that you know your "stuff"? You want to come across as the “go-to brand” when it comes to the industry you are in. You want to display your wealth of knowledge through educational videos or blogs, testimonials, etc. Utilize people that can expand your audience, consider landing a contract with a person in your industry that every buyer can put a face to that name without hesitation and have them write some blogs or take pictures with your products.

Here at StringCan one of the many services we provide is helping you build a business site, and one thing that we recommend to be done is a Competitive Audit, but before we do this for you, we go through Persona Development.

When we create personas, we create fictional representations of our client's ideal target audience. We choose these personas based on behavioral patterns in their purchasing decisions, use of technology or products, service preferences and lifestyle choices. If you don't target certain personas your message becomes too generic and you won't know where to put your main focus as far as how you market your brand. Contact StringCan to learn further about the Persona Development Process.

As mentioned before, another of the many steps we take to make sure we are providing you with the best information possible is a Competitive Audit. We go to all of our clients competitors’ websites and create an Excel matrix of what they have and what they don’t have, and we do this in order to ensure we are developing the best business site for our client that we could possibly build. We look to see if the site possesses features such as blogs, whitepapers, newsletters, any form of education, press releases, etc., as well as features that may be unique to what you are looking for in your site.

We then research their social media, including it in the matrix, about whether they promote their social media or not, how many platforms they have accounts in and we note the amount of traffic they get to each page. We also examine how your competitors show up on all of the search engines. These three key components of good business sites; site features, social media presence and search engine rankings, are all then put into an Audit Overview document, which is essentially a write up of the excel document, explaining everything further. Once the audit is completed and we present it to you, we then work with you to develop the website.

These are just a few tips when it comes to building a great business site, if you have any questions or would like to speak with us about the process, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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