Lessons Learned from Riding the Ropes!

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October 10, 2014

Lessons Learned from Riding the Ropes!

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Last week, our team drove up to Prescott, Arizona to spend a day out of the office doing some fun team building activities. We spent the day on a ropes course at Chapel Rock Camp and Conference Center, just outside of downtown Prescott. Not only did we get a much-needed escape from the Scottsdale heat, but we also got a fresh reminder of some of the important values our team holds. We wanted to share three of our main takeaways with you:

1. Walls Are Here To Be Climbed

StringCan Team Climbing WallEach of us faces walls in life. Whether personal or professional, they each present us with an opportunity to prove ourselves. Walls can be different struggles, difficult assignments, or even a rough period of time as a team. Just like a rock wall, you need to plan out every step you take.

Thought must be put into every grip and hold. If we can’t figure out the next move, we pause, re-assess and then proceed in a new way. Major and daunting tasks aren’t accomplished in one step; they require a series of baby steps that eventually add up to success.

2. Balance Takes Selfless Effort

StringCan BalanceEvery person has an “off” day that can throw a team out of whack. However, it doesn’t matter if you have an off day; what truly matters how you react to it. In one challenge, a wooden platform on a fulcrum (resembling a teeter-totter) was presented to us. We were told to get all of our team members on top of it without either side touching the ground.

It took finesse and proper planning; when weight was placed on one side, equal weight needed to be put on the other. It reminded us that we each need to balance each other out and adjust to others in order to be a high-functioning team.

3. It’s 90% Mental

Mental PositiveOne of the scariest challenges was the ‘Leap of Faith’, which involves climbing a 30-foot pole, standing up on the base at the top, and jumping to grab a trapeze. If this obstacle was 3 feet off the ground, it would be easy. But 30 feet is another story. For many of our members, this seemed to be an impossible task. However, we are happy to report every single team member did it! How? It was about focusing, centering yourself, taking deep breaths, and most importantly, keeping your mind in check and in charge of your body.

It was amazing to see how easily you can mentally talk yourself into feeling scared and shaking, and then in a split second decide you are fine and are going to OWN IT! It reminded us that we control much of our perspective and performance with our mental outlook.

We hope as you and your own team faces the ebb and flow of work life, these three lessons can motivate you to stay focused! What are some examples or ideas you have that have worked well within your own organizations?

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