How To Leverage YouTube for your Business

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September 7, 2011

How To Leverage YouTube for your Business

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Videos are one of the top shared forms of media online today. Your business has a lot to gain from utilizing your own videos that add value to customers by showing or explaining what you do in a more interesting way than reading a document or press release. Uploading your content to a video hosting service, such as YouTube, increases the number of people learning and talking about your business and adds clarity to who you are and what your business offers. With more than 13 million hours of video uploaded on YouTube during 2010 and with over 3 billion videos viewed every day, YouTube has proven to be a great tool to engage with customers. Today we are going to help your business get started creating videos and leveraging them with your audience through a branded YouTube Channel. Yes, you can simply upload your videos to YouTube through your standard account; however, publishing your branded content through a customized YouTube Channel can prove invaluable to creating leads and improving your brand. If you have not seen them yet, make sure to check out Old Spice and how they created an amazing experience on YouTube.



Screenshot from YouTube Home Page


How To Create A YouTube Channel

  • Log onto and create an account
  • Access your YouTube Channel page from the dropdown menu in the top right corner
  • Complete the open fields with detailed information focused around the targeted keywords you think customers will search on
  • Include links to your website and other social pages
  • Brand your page with custom colors and background images that compliment your logo and website
  • Upload videos that are valuable to your customers and get them eager to watch and share with others

Types of Videos You Can Create

A common question we hear from clients is what type of videos should they create. Here are a few recommendations to consider:

  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Instructional How-To
  • Product Demo
  • Customer Testimonials & Reviews
  • Answers to frequently asked product or service questions
  • Video Tours
  • General Value-Added Videos Around Categories Tied With Your Business

How To Leverage YouTube

Once your YouTube Channel is created, make sure you follow these tips to leverage YouTube:

  • Make sure you frequently visit your YouTube Channel and Video pages to engage with those fans who are active on your YouTube channel.
  • If you create content that your fans find valuable and interesting, YouTube can be a great way to engage and grow your current and prospective customer base.
  • Review your top competitors Videos and Pages to see what they are doing (both good and bad) and learn from it
  • With your videos, place the most important message in the first 10-20 seconds to prevent visitors from skipping to the next video too quickly. Also, make sure your video total length is as short as possible.
  • YouTube is a social network just like Facebook and Twitter, and it is important to network with other like-minded individuals. Visit other YouTube Channels and watch videos, like the ones you enjoy, comment on others videos (just make sure to not be too salesy or spammy)
  • At end of your video give the users a call to action, such as ask the viewer to subscribe to your YouTube channel to get updates on future new videos

For additional insight on how to create and market your own YouTube Channel or other social pages, contact StringCan Interactive for a free one hour consultation. Join the conversation on our Facebook page or comment below and tell us how your business leverages videos to stay connected with clients.

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