Link Building vs. Content Marketing

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June 11, 2012

Link Building vs. Content Marketing

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As a strategic leader in the interactive marketing space, we know all about link building and content marketing. These are two components many companies use to elevate their ranking in search engines. So since they both are used and both work, why would they be going head to head? The reason is because there is a clear winner.



Truly, SEO includes both link building and content marketing. But do you want to build links to something that isn’t worth reading? Content is the structural foundation of any interactive media campaign; without it, you don’t have much. But content just to take up space isn’t very effective either.

Great content does three things: engages, educates, and entertains. If you’re using it to build ranking, it also needs to incorporate keywords. The challenge, of course, is to write content that cover the three E’s while also touching on the keywords needed to make a difference. You’ve probably come across a blog or article online that is loaded with keywords yet doesn’t really share anything that a human reader can understand. It takes skill to incorporate copy that resonates with both humans and bots.

When you have great content, other sites will want to link to yours; you won’t have to create dummy sites for ineffective link building. And that’s the goal of the Internet: get people excited about what you offer so they’ll share it with their friends. So focus on your content and you’ll see that the links follow.

In this match, content scores a TKO.

Image by Trevor Leyenhorst via Flickr CC

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