Can MySpace Really Rise Up From the Grave?

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October 3, 2012

Can MySpace Really Rise Up From the Grave?

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Due to Facebook’s rise in fame over the last few years, MySpace had quickly fallen into the black abyss of social media, but have you heard the news about the production of the new MySpace? If you haven’t yet, listen here, and you decide whether or not you think this ghost of social media’s past can come back to life.

Image via Sync Originals

First, take a gander at the new MySpace video preview below:

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So now that you’re impressed with the new design and visual layout of it, let’s get to the goods.

It seems as thought MySpace wants to draw in a specific type of people, people that appreciate the design, who are tech savvy and original, love their music and want to express themselves.

One thing that the new site is going to allow a user to do that other social media platforms don't allow due to the competition between them is the ability to connect to MySpace via Facebook and Twitter. The reason they're not competing is because MySpace is focused mainly on music and the overall user experience, allowing users to discover new music, connect with other artists and expand their fan base nationwide, all the while posting pictures and videos.

One of the top assets MySpace encompasses is of course, the music. During the network’s previous life numerous artists had made a name for themselves through MySpace and this new version enhances the music even further, making it the soul of the site. It gives you the ability to personalize your music; what type you like, what artists you listen to, what's trending, similar to that of Spotify, and allows you to listen to music no matter what page you’re on. If you look at the video you see the tool for the music on the bottom of the page, consistently showing up even if you change your page, so you can listen to a song through and through.

If this feature does in fact make it to the new MySpace, it’ll erase those unfortunate happenings of the old version, where you used to go to someone’s page and literally feel like you’ve been smacked across the face with some unexpectedly loud music that they featured that caused everyone around you to stare at you. For those of you who looked at MySpace while in the office or classroom, you know what I mean.

Then there’s the look. The updated, modern looking version is eye-catching and draws you in. You have the option of choosing a video or picture as your background. The “Stream” page which would be your "Newsfeed", in Facebook terms, resembles Pinterest. It has a display of pictures laid out in a way that lets you scroll down and see things like what people are adding or what they’re listening to.

There is a Discover section where you can see what’s trending among your fellow MySpace users and you get bold and beautiful pictures with every song choice. One of the unique features is the way MySpace showcases events, once again similar to Pinterest’s layout, but it goes deeper then just pictures, it features artists with upcoming shows, along with the date, price and where it is… Even asking you if you’re going.

The aspiring artists have the ability to track the demographic of their fans because of the “Top Fans” feature. They can see who their top fans are, the average age of them, the region they are in, etc, making the social media site more personal than ever.

Overall, the new MySpace is extremely impressive… And it doesn't hurt that Justin Timberlake is the face of it.

Let us know if you think that MySpace can rise up from the dead or if you think it won’t be able to escape its past.

Image via Sync Originals

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