Blogs have easily proven their worth in the B2B world, used by most companies to reach customers, share information and improve SEO. But, they’re far from the only marketing tactic that B2B teams can use to attract and convert customers. This year, what about expanding your horizons and considering other avenues like TikTok, influencer marketing and podcasting for B2B? Here’s why this might be a good idea. 

TikTok For Business 

Depending on your generation and personal social media usage, you probably see TikTok in a certain light. Some see it as a way to connect, stay on top of trending topics and be entertained, while others avoid it, thinking it isn’t worth their time. It turns out, these aren’t the only camps you can fall into. In fact, there’s a great argument to be made for using TikTok in a nontraditional way: to appeal to your business’ target audience. 

Mirroring what occurred with other social channels, micro-influencers have cropped up on the popular platform. Some are sharing entertaining content mixed with business-focused thoughts on particular topics, while others are using the channel just for education. Either way, this is an example of influencer marketing at its best. 

These individuals have already invested the time to earn followers who are in a specific segment of the market. If that happens to be the same market segment that you’re trying to reach, they could be the perfect partner to bring your products and services to the exact people you’re hoping to target. The level of partnership you develop may vary, but the point is - don’t discount TikTok just because of preconceived perceptions. It’s actually becoming a valuable tool in B2B advertising. 

Podcasting For B2B

Podcasts have become one of the most widely consumed forms of content today. The average person loves to be entertained and/or learn something while exercising, cleaning or otherwise going about their daily life. 

Similar to how TikTok business influencers have become very niche, podcasts have as well. In years prior, you might have wanted to listen to a podcast on marketing. But today? There are entire podcasts dedicated to account-based marketing, partnership marketing and so forth. Listeners can get as specific as they want and find the exact types of content they’re looking for. 

If you have a unique value proposition and area of expertise within your business, you could be a perfect candidate to start a podcast. Focus on the subject in which you can offer the most value. What are your customers’ frequently asked questions? What topics do your ideal buyers seem confused about or eager to learn more about? These make a great starting point. 

You can start small, recording one episode a month and sharing it with current and prospective customers. See how it’s received, and proceed from there. If you consistently deliver valuable content to the right audience, you can fairly easily grow your listener base and get exposed to even more of the right buyers. 

When it comes to effective advertising in B2B, don’t limit yourself to blogs and display ads alone. Consider using TikTok for influencer marketing, podcasting for B2B and other creative options that are emerging all the time. Need help navigating it all? We’d love to hear from you

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