New Year’s Resolutions from our Fellow “Best Places to Work” Award Winners

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January 3, 2015

New Year’s Resolutions from our Fellow “Best Places to Work” Award Winners

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As you may have seen from our previous blog post, we were named a "Best Place to Work" for the second consecutive year by the Phoenix Business Journal. Last year we were ranked No. 5 on the list; this year we were No. 2. We were very excited to win this award, but it also made us wonder, out of all the companies in Arizona, why were we in the top five?

The Phoenix Business Journal's annual program ranks hundreds of Valley companies through a third-party-administered employee survey. The areas surveyed include various parts of employee life, including workplace environment, leadership direction, culture, and management practices. In 2014, we believe StringCan Interactive received a top spot on the list because we have an open workspace that allows us to collaborate, including a family room area to conduct our more casual meetings. We also had quarterly team building activities and outings to bond with our employees and foster strong relationships.

In 2015, we plan on hiring new employees to scale our three offices that embody our values and culture, so we want to ensure that with that growth we don’t lose our culture or what makes our company a great place to work. Recently, we launched an internship program that we want to expand and use as a catalyst for professional development and learning. Additionally, we want to give all of our employees the opportunity to grow and learn, so we will have each of them participate in educational events like classes or certifications, leadership opportunities, and trainings.

As we mingled at the luncheon with the rest of the winners, it was clear that we were among like-minded companies that have created and maintained cultures that people are happy and proud to be part of. In talking with them, we learned what they attribute their 2014 wins to. Even more importantly, we learned what they plan to do in 2015 to land themselves on the list again. ‘Tis the season for sharing and making resolutions, so we figured we’d share with you what these leading companies told us about how they plan to make the 2015 list.

“We will look to provide more on- and off-site training and leadership programming for our team members, continue to identify unique perks such as weekly pizza party lunches, quarterly volunteer events and more. We are adding a new expansion in our office that will feature alternative workspaces with a coffee-bar style table where team members can take their laptops and plug in somewhere other than their desks for a change of environment to inspire creativity and facilitate small group brainstorms.”

-Melissa DiGianfilippo, partner of Serendipit Consulting

“Earning the first place award meant the world to all of us here at United Pet Care. We strive hard to always work as a team and everyone’s input is always valued. In order to place first again for 2015, we plan to implement more team-building exercises to continue to strengthen relationships within the company. We believe that by everyone having their ideas heard, the company will continue to grow in a positive direction, and our employees will feel proud when they see their ideas come to life. Every person here at United Pet Care has helped us to grow and they are recognized for that during our monthly meetings. As we continue this policy and add the ability for them to continue their education by making seminars available, it will benefit not only the employee but make for a happy workplace.”

-Doris Amdur, founder and president of United Pet Care.

“Being selected as one of the 'Best Places to Work' within the macro-sized category was a proud moment for Vantage. It validated our first-class culture and reinforced the fact we are appreciative of our team that is loyal to our organization. We have our eye to the future, focusing on the well-being and happiness of our teammates by continuing to nurture our family-like environment. We will be purposeful in maintaining our culture so we can continue to attract the top talent within our community, ensuring our long-term success.”

-J.P. Dahdah, CEO of Vantage Retirement Plans

“It's an honor for Yelp to have won the Phoenix Business Journal's 'Best Places to Work' award. In 2015 we will continue to take pride in providing a fun, healthy and engaging workplace for Yelp employees and look forward to hopefully staying at the top of the list for years to come! Everyone in our Scottsdale office was extremely proud to have been part of this winning team in 2014.”

-Spencer Hoekstra, director of local account management for Yelp

It seems that it has been a great 2014 for all of these companies and we are very anxious to see how they do in 2015. Do you have any New Year’s resolutions for your company that you would like to share? If so, comment below!

Featured Photo, Phoenix. StringCan Interactive. 2015.

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