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StringCan Gives Back

Dec 19

StringCan Gives Back

I am so lucky to work for a company that walks the walk AND talks the talk. I’ve had some amazing volunteer opportunities while working for other companies, but they were never done as a company. We take our mission to heart; supporting businesses that are dedicated to improving the lives of others.

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The Best Way to Experience Your Clients' Brands? Become an Actual Customer

Awhile back, we realized something about the average marketing agency that astounded us, which is this: Many of them have never actually experienced their clients’ brands. Does that blow your mind as much as it did ours?  

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Top 4 Things to Keep in Mind When Conducting a Brand Audit

You might’ve seen our recent post about how you can make planning for 2019 a little (actually, a lot) less scary. But this time of year also highlights other initiatives that you might feel compelled to engage in, as well. If conducting a brand audit is one of these things on your radar, you might not be sure where to start.

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Quality or Quantity: What's More Important for Reviews?

When you own your own business, online review sites can feel like a blessing and a curse. Considering that 92 percent of consumers now read online customer reviews and they’re basically the word of mouth marketing of today, you know you need to be well-reviewed. And you know that reviews can provide a microscope into what your customers are thinking, whether positive or negative, which is always useful.

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How We Make Time for Physical & Mental Health

Like most working adults, balancing work and life can be tricky, and oftentimes physical and mental wellness can get pushed to the back burner. But the reality is that everyone needs to take time to take care of themselves, both mentally and physically. As a team, the StringFam has made it a priority to take time for our health and encourage each other to do the same. If you’re looking for ideas for making work-life balance work for you and your team, here’s how we do it (without going insane):

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Turning Health Club Members into Raving Fans

Customer satisfaction is one thing. It’s nice to know your health club members are content, and that you’re meeting their most pressing needs so they don’t need to complain or go elsewhere (at least for now). But then there’s retention. The more satisfied your members are, the more likely you’ll retain them - and the more money you’ll keep in the long haul. It’s just good business sense to hang onto the members you currently have and incentivize them to remain loyal to you.

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3 Best Practices to Better Support Your Sales Team

If you’re in the role of CMO or Marketing Director, you’re well aware of the necessary interplay between sales and marketing in successful businesses. So even if you’re not directly responsible for training and managing your sales team, you’d be wise to nurture their sales skills and lead them in setting strategic goals that benefit both of your departments. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your salespeople, so both marketing and sales - and therefore the company - can see real growth.

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The Importance of Friendly Competition in the Workplace

When I was growing up as a wrestler, I learned a very important lesson: You will never improve without challenging yourself. Back then it meant that the only way to get any better was to take on people of greater skill. Today it’s a little different, but the underlying concept of using competition as motivation for improvement still stands strong.

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We’re Thankful for Our Clients

As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, we wanted to take some time to acknowledge the true MVP’s of StringCan Interactive: our clients!

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What Your Office Fridge Says About Your Company Culture

This article in a nutshell:

  • Your office needs a fridge

  • Having a place to store lunches helps keep employees healthier

  • Your fridge is like a culture time capsule

  • Turn your fridge into a work of art 

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