Pins, Repins, and Boards, OH MY!

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February 21, 2013

Pins, Repins, and Boards, OH MY!

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Businesses have been asking the million-dollar question of how they become the ultimate leader on Pinterest. What is the algorithm that allows your pins to show up at the top of the list? There have been many speculations on this secret code; some include how many people follow you, how many repins you have, the number of people that like your pins, and finally, hash tagging. I can assure you that, by just searching for random items on pinterest, none of those theories hold any weight. Obviously, digging to try to muster up something on this algorithm is a downward spiral effect. Could it be that it sorts by each individual pinner’s activity? What the pinner does on a daily basis seems to be reason enough to push him/her to the top. Then again, a single image can be repined thousands of times and maybe it is based on the original pinner’s activity. To make a long story, well, long, it seems to be one of those mysteries that Pinterest just does not want us to figure out. [1]

Let’s take a look at the some of the top brands on Pinterest and what they are pinning and repining that make them so attractive. First, a fun little fact, one fifth of all women in the U.S. who go online are on Pinterest [2]. This just shows one reason why it is important for businesses to understand the ways to use pinterest to their advantage.

First up is Mashable with about 1.5 million followers, there boards center around new gadgets, news, fashion, humor, and just about everything else that is trending. Next up is Perfect Palette, with roughly 350,000 followers, this company centers their business on finding the perfect color theme for weddings. About 260,000 people follow Real Simple, a magazine produced by Time, offers tips and tricks for everyday decorating and event preparation. A few other big names on the top brand list include; Better Home and Gardens, Etsy, and Whole Foods. The most common themes on pinterest are geared clearly towards women; pins about weddings, decorating, fashion, humor, and food all seem to be the breadwinners of this virtual pegboard. It comes to now surprise why these businesses have taken home the pinterest trophy.

What does that mean for the rest of the businesses worldwide who do not cater to these categories? Well come to find out it is not all about the Benjamins, figuratively speaking, because if you are using something like Pinterest as a business, it is most likely to help drive traffic and in turn hopefully increase ROI – but that is for another day. I digress.

1. Make It Personal. Personalize your page to show boards that revolve around what drives your company’s morale. These can include boards around what your team loves to do or what they love to eat. Something other than just what you “sell”.

2. Really Pretty Pictures. This is not a joke. Pinterest revolves around images. Pinners want to see high quality, beautiful imagery. Go the extra mile to make sure that all your boards are filled with nothing “Plain Jane”, but more along the lines of “Pretty, Pretty Princess” photography.

3. Recruit Partner Pinners. You can now share boards with other pinners. This is a great way to make partnerships with other businesses or pinners that complement your brand.

4. Pinterest Give Away. A great example of this comes from HGTV. They held a contest where pinners were asked to create a “dream room” board and simply include #HGTV in the description section. This automatically entered the pinner in to win their dream room transformation from HGTV.

5. Creative Descriptions. Eloquently describing your pins and sprinkling hash tags in where it is applicable is a bonus. Google crawlers love fresh new content!

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