Pinterest Enters the Ad Arena

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April 29, 2015

Pinterest Enters the Ad Arena

Samantha is a digital marketing intern with a passion for business, travel, and digital marketing.

Social media is one of the most effective and efficient ways to directly advertise and actively engage with consumers. Whether it’s simply banner ads or commenting on other users’ posts, utilizing social media can improve the results of your marketing efforts.

Twitter and Facebook headline the show with the immense opportunities for advertising available to businesses. This year, social media has a new advertising contender, Pinterest. After running a beta test through the second half of 2014, Pinterest officially launched its Promoted Pins program earlier this year.

In my opinion, Pinterest is a perfect place to advertise, however, some businesses will most likely have more success with it compared to others. Pins on Pinterest are created to be eye-catching and interesting, just like ads should be. If used correctly, Pinterest could be a great advertising platform.

In order to be successful, advertisers should use the Promoted Pins that are still in line with the focus of Pinterest. For instance, if Target had a Promoted Pin it could be a DIY project with links and information to buy all the supplies at Target. Similarly, technology devices can be advertised showcasing the features, food companies can advertise recipes, gyms can advertise workouts, and so forth.

The most effective ads are the ones that don’t interrupt a user’s experience. The promoted ads on Facebook and Twitter look just like any other post on the user’s feed. As a consumer, I am much more likely to ‘like,’ ‘pin,’ or ‘retweet’ something that I cannot distinguish as an obvious ad but is something that sparks my interest.

Ads within Pinterest might have the potential to be more effective than ads on Facebook and Twitter. Promoted Pins blend directly in with the rest of the pins, so as long as the ads don’t interrupt a user’s experience by being too obvious, users are likely to respond positively.

This move to advertising will increase profit for Pinterest and the businesses that choose to work with the social media platform effectively. Since the beginning of 2015, Pinterest has also seen a 20% increase in pinning on home feeds. Pinterest accredits the increase to their acquisition of new machine learning and recommendation technology that better caters to users’ personal preferences. This technology works well with the Promoted Pins by helping predict what kind of pins should be promoted to each user based on their other pins.

With Promoted Pins and advertising being so new to Pinterest, the owners of Pinterest continue to work to improve the reach and precision of these Promoted Pins. Pinterest owners plan to make the experience more interactive for both advertisers and users. Thus, there is great potential for advertising on Pinterest and it will be interesting to witness the program’s growth

Let us know what you think about ads on Pinterest! Yay or nay?

Image by kelly babcock via Flickr CC

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