Pinterest: How Essential It Is for Small Agencies

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June 28, 2012

Pinterest: How Essential It Is for Small Agencies

Our Digital Scientists are made up of tech-loving, results-oriented, passionate, digital marketing nerds who have an unnatural obsession with all things digital. Most likely seen glued to a screen and spewing new digital marketing trends.

Before the birth of Facebook and all of the other social media forums that we currently have, it could be said that smaller agencies had a difficult time expanding their brand beyond the face-to-face meetings being had with potential and current clients. We all know by now what social media has done for every kind of company out there but not many know about one of the newer forum and all of its potential. I’m talking about Pinterest. At our team meeting on Monday I presented the strategy document I created for why Pinterest would be a great tool for StringCan and it had not taken much time at all for us to come to a consensus that Pinterest is a must for us. Being a small business, you run into problems that larger, corporate businesses don’t have. Problems like having a hard time getting your brand out there, or being able to be found when a potential client is looking for “The Best Digital Marketing Agency in Arizona,” among others. Pinterest is one of the ways to alleviate your business from the stress of thinking that you may be hard to find.


This fast-growing, social media power house can be utilized in so many different ways and for so many different reasons. It can be used to show who your agency is, through the creation of boards that have the ability to individualize your services, as well as providing a way to present your employees to the public through their personal blogs and an “About Us” board. The look of Pinterest is easier on the eyes, and is much more inviting and interactive then just a regular company website.

Pinterest provides you with a way to connect with other small agencies nationwide, exchanging pins and therefore gaining more followers. Think about posting tutorials for your followers in order for them to get used to coming to you when they have a question. Also, follow other agencies and watch their tutorials, then you can re-pin theirs and hopefully they’ll return the favor one day, and plus, you might learn something.

Be that “pinner” that everyone comes to for the first word when it comes to the newest aspects of the marketing world. Your goal should be becoming the Pinterest that people come to first or the Pinterest that people expect to be the first to write a blog about something or create a board about it. And of course, tie Pinterest into your other social media accounts, that way everyone that sees your Facebook page, sees that you have Pinterest, and so on and so on.


The amount of possibilities Pinterest provides a small agency are insurmountable. So here at StringCan, we have begun using Pinterest. We are in the process of creating our boards and connecting them to our other social media platforms. So as we continue to develop our page, follow us on Pinterest at

Are you utilizing Pinterest and seeing a positive result? Let us know your thoughts…

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