Tweet on the Street! - The First Public Twitter Booth

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October 17, 2010

Tweet on the Street! - The First Public Twitter Booth

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Are phone booths really a thing of the past? Perhaps here in the US, but across the Atlantic Ocean it may be a different story. In Skolkova, Russia the first public Twitter booth is revolutionizing social media by giving it a more physical and public presence. While not much is currently known about this social media kiosk or even how it got there, Skolkova has established itself as the Silicon Valley of Russia, so it is no surprise to see such new tech-trends emerging from there.

This Twitter booth allows users to login to their account and post regularly as if from their home computers or cell phones. It also allows Twitter users without smartphones to stay just as connected as the rest of us. In the essence of social media, this is yet another innovative and creative way to stay connected anywhere you go. As our technology-dependent society has evolved to slowly kill off phone booths; it seems only fitting that something like this would emerge in its place. I feel this Twitter booth is a vital stepping stone for the computer booths that will no doubt someday line our streets.

While many people utilizing social media are already connected through their smart phones, I know if I stumbled upon a Twitter booth I’d be sure to tweet about it!

What do you think about these new Twitter booths? Would you like to see them in use in America? Let us know!

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