What Social Media Network Are You And Your Brand?

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June 28, 2013

What Social Media Network Are You And Your Brand?

Our Digital Scientists are made up of tech-loving, results-oriented, passionate, digital marketing nerds who have an unnatural obsession with all things digital. Most likely seen glued to a screen and spewing new digital marketing trends.


Image by MediaBistro via Social Times

As human beings, our personality traits and quirks say a lot about who we are. It's the little details that really make us unique and interesting, and help us connect with different people. Well, social media networks are no different! Each network has different characteristics that make them right or wrong for you and your brand. As creative types, the crew here at StringCan is not in short supply of personality! To highlight some of our awesome team and the depth of our favorite social networks, we have compared our team members with the social media that best fits their personality.

What social media network are you most like?

Kevin Warhus StringCan Digital Marketing Manager

Facebook - Kevin Warhus (Digital Marketing Manager)

Much like our marketing manager Kevin, Facebook is a social powerhouse and top dog in the industry. (OK, maybe I’m just a little biased writing this in first person, but what better time to boost my own ego.) Facebook is an extremely active and social platform that everyone is familiar with. It offers an excellent stage to engage family, friends, and business alike with relationship building exchanges. Both Kevin and Facebook deliver a mix of personal and business that offers something for everyone.


Jay Feitlinger StringCan CEO Twitter – Jay Feitlinger (CEO)

Twitter never stops, and neither does our CEO Jay. Both are a source of endless knowledge and love to share that information with others. We are pretty sure that both Jay and Twitter never sleep and move faster than the speed of sound. This helps keep both cutting edge and ahead of the game. With Twitter’s 140 character updates, communication always stays straight to the point!


Michelle Giannino - StringCan Project ManagerPinterest – Michelle Giannino (Project Manager)

Not only does our project manager Michelle love Pinterest, they share a lot of similarities. They are both a lot of fun and very creative. Pinterest also offers a great solution to organize all your favorite links, photos, and videos. It’s an engaging and colorful way to share your passions and engage your customers.


Alix Parker - StringCan Digital Marketing CordinatorYouTube – Alix Parker (Digital Marketing Coordinator)

Alix Parker is one of the newest additions to our team. Fresh out of college, she is always thirsty for knowledge and a source of great information, just like YouTube. They are both constantly learning and love to share their information. Both Alix and YouTube have very extensive and elaborate sides of fun and professional communication. Did I mention that we love them both too? :)


Jason McDonald - StringCan European Account Manager

Google+ - Jason McDonald (Account Manager)

Not only is Jason our top Google+ fanatic in the office, they both have a lot in common. Google+ and Jason are very focused, tailored to their audience, and always deliver the personalized news you expect. Additionally, both are on the up and up and expanding to new markets. With a well-balanced mix of business, fun, and innovation both Jason and Google+ are right for any occasion. Lastly, trust me when I say they are both great for helping your web presence.

We hope this exercise has helped paint a picture of the personality possessed by each of the top social networks, as well as a glimpse into what makes our team special. Take into consideration the nature of each of these networks to determine which are right for you and your brand….and maybe which StringCan team member you want to hang out with this weekend.

Tell us what social network you and your brand resemble most!

Image by MediaBistro via Social Times

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