Social Media Optimization for Business :: Presented at Local First Arizona event

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February 25, 2013

Social Media Optimization for Business :: Presented at Local First Arizona event

Our Digital Scientists are made up of tech-loving, results-oriented, passionate, digital marketing nerds who have an unnatural obsession with all things digital. Most likely seen glued to a screen and spewing new digital marketing trends.

I was honored to speak to 50 business owners of Local First Arizona about how best to leverage social media for their businesses. StringCan is a member of Local First AZ and strongly recommends you check them out to support local Arizona businesses.



The main topics addressed during the Social Media Optimization for Business presentation were as follows:

  • You need a plan before you start running in the race - Too many businesses launch every possible social media account they hear about by either an inexperienced social media user and or see their competitors launch an account before creating the plan on why they are creating the account.
  • Understand who your customer is and what they need - why waste time investing resources managing a social media account if your clients are not even on that platform. Or worse you are creating content to be posted on your social media account and not talking to your audience correctly.
  • Prioritize your energy on the social media networks where your customers are already on - once you understand the right networks to be on that meets both your customer and your business objectives you can focus on the 1 or 2 social media platforms that make sense.
  • Listen and then engage - A very smart marketer is one that listens to their audience before you start making post. Monitor what your audience is talking about and engage when the time is right.
  • Create interesting content - content is definitely king when it comes to social media. No one is going to share a boring post about TGIF or what you ate for lunch. Instead become an authority in your industry by creating content as a thought leader to educate and engage with your audience on content they will find interesting, relevant and unique.
  • Rinse & Repeat - no matter how many books and so called "social media experts" you learn from it will always require some trial and error. Learn from both your success and not as effective approaches through analytics tools and talking with your customers.

Here is the presentation that was shared at the Local First event that goes into more detail on above topics and other social media for business tips:

[slideshare id=16770095&doc=socialmediaoptimizationforbusinesslocalfirstarizonafeb262013-130225235819-phpapp02]

What social media best practices have you found to be of most value in your business? If you attended the Local First event I would love to hear any feedback. Please share any comments or tips below.

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