New StringCan Digital Marketing Coordinator - Max Mendoza

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June 7, 2012

New StringCan Digital Marketing Coordinator - Max Mendoza

Our Digital Scientists are made up of tech-loving, results-oriented, passionate, digital marketing nerds who have an unnatural obsession with all things digital. Most likely seen glued to a screen and spewing new digital marketing trends.

Hello Online World, My name is Max Mendoza and I'm StringCan Interactive's new Digital Marketing Coordinator - you may know me as the previous owner of our office puppy and Chief Office Love Provider.

The team at StringCan put together a few questions to better get to know me and they asked me to share the interview with you.


1) Where do you live/Where are you from?

I currently live at the rim of Tempe and Scottsdale at a house that I am tremendously grateful to be living in. My roommates are super cool and are also ambitious, young, urban professionals. I especially love that we have a grassy patch in the backyard where I often stretch and meditate in the mornings.

My hometown is Yuma, Arizona so I am proud to say that I am a “Yuman!” Further, my family's origins are from Mexico and I was born in northern California.

2) Where did you go to school?

My undergraduate alumni is Arizona State University. Where I co-founded two well known and established organizations.

First the ASU Undie Run, “ASU’s Biggest End of the Year Tradition” that brings thousands of students together on the last day of classes with the purpose of "Undressing to Dress Others". Last year alone the Undie Run raised over 9,000 lbs of clothes, and over 2,500 lbs of food at its 5th Annual Charity Event - so NO, it’s not just a bunch of college kids running around campus in their underwear. The second organization I founded is Collegetown ASU, an annual leadership and empowerment conference with several other smaller workshops and retreats throughout the year.

Oh and I also double-majored with a B.S. in Marketing and B.A. in Sociology.

3) What is your background in marketing?

Through creating and running the two organizations they provided me with a great deal of experience from my natural marketing role with both of them. With the Undie Run I mixed my Marketing knowledge and Sociology awareness to purposefully position the event as an end of the year tradition that “thousands of students would gather to attend” resulting in a self-fulfilling prophecy with over 10k attendees by the second-annual event and an active Facebook following that is now over 16k.

However my greatest professional experience with marketing thus far has come from my time with Entourage Marketing, a company that I co-founded while in college. Entourage Marketing’s root are in social media and marketing strategy, two areas that are at the core of my marketing knowledge. While there I helped develop a new marketing framework that I called the Retention Marketing Cycle. I also developed my business development and client management skills, including the relationship with local entertainment production company SLE that resulted in Entourage being hired as the marketing agency to help launch it’s first ever Soundwave Music Festival.

4) What are you passionate about?

Exploring, discovering and Inspiring others to believe and live to their potential.


5) Favorite YouTube Video [youtube]

6) What's one thing about you people would never guess?

Well I can only say that it’s somewhat of a secret (because I’m always posting pictures on Instagram), but I have recently taken an interest in cooking. I have been cooking for a little less than a year now, gaining some confidence in the last few months. though in the past few months.

Some of my favorite things to mix into my meals are bell peppers, cucumbers, and Tajin!

7) If you were a superhero, what would be your super human power and why?

If I could have any super human power I would want to be like Neo from the movie The Matrix, especially the ability to almost instantly learn anything new (like kung fu and flying a helicopter) simply by programming it into their minds.

8 ) If you could be the CEO of any business, which one and why?

The CEO I would want to be is Oprah Winfrey. The reason why I say this is because Oprah is easily one of the most influential CEOs on the planet. She owns a magazine, a production company, plus her own network (OWN) - so basically she owns!!

Personally what most stands out to me about her is the purpose that she clearly has with everything she does. She aims to inspire the world as the great storyteller that she is. My ambitious intention is to utilize my passions plus my storytelling skills to one day influence and inspire somewhere near as many people as she has through my lifetime.

9) Where do you see your self in 3 years?

For this question I was asked to make a "Vision Board" of my life vision 3 years from now. Here is my creation on our super cool chalkboard: (click to expand)


10) On a serious note, what are you most looking forward to learning from StringCan?

At Entourage Marketing I feel I threw myself into the fire pit. I had some strengths from my background that provided a great deal of success early on. However as a start-up company it was challenging to expand and be as great as we wanted to be, especially with the amount of experience we had in the professional world.

Coming into StringCan I feel that I will be able to leverage my strengths by being in a more experienced environment and working with a team that has the passion they do for their work.

Also, I am excited to provide the team with my knowledge in marketing and strategy, making contributions in order to have a great impact.

11) What would be your dream client to work with and why?

Like my new co-worker Kevin I am a big fan of the Coachella Music Festival. They already do an amazing job with their marketing - something that many of us can learn from - and they offer an amazing product that has a great story to it.

That said, it would be a fulfilling experience to be able to work with someone as unique as them who already has a great following. It would be both a thrill and a challenge to come up with creative ideas to make their offering and community even stronger!

12) What do results mean to you?

Value. Impact. “Moving the needle.

To me results means respect towards your work and yourself. It’s when you are able to look at your client/boss/co-worker in the eyes and be able to confidently let them know what you have provided; knowing that it made a difference.

I have learned that business is all about relationships. Therefore in order for results to happen you have to respect the relationship and provide value to it. Something that at the end of the day you can receive a “thank you” for because you earned it and deserve it.

13) What is your proudest career accomplishment and why?

When I look at my career I see it as a variety of bodies of work. That said I first humbly recognize that I am truly at only the beginning steps of my career professionally. Thus far I feel that my body of work as a student, event planner and marketer has allowed me to experience a variety of moments that I could call accomplishments.

I am most proud of the Mastermind program that I launched in my final two semesters at ASU with the organization that I co-founded called Project U.

The mantra of Project U is to “inspire and connect.” For me being a part of this and facilitating the mastermind allows me to live out my purpose and passions. Through this I am able to help support others to strive for their potential and inspire them to believe in themselves.

This to me is one of my greatest accomplishments because I aim to measure my success the way Ralph Waldo Emerson once did:

"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment."


-Ralph Waldo Emerson



Featured Photo, Phoenix. StringCan Interactive. 2012.

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