StringCan Turns 3 Years Old! Redefining Digital Marketing in Arizona

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August 16, 2013

StringCan Turns 3 Years Old! Redefining Digital Marketing in Arizona

Our Digital Scientists are made up of tech-loving, results-oriented, passionate, digital marketing nerds who have an unnatural obsession with all things digital. Most likely seen glued to a screen and spewing new digital marketing trends.

Is it August again already? Wow how time flies! Not only does August mean the worst of this Arizona heat is over (or so they say), football season is just around the corner (Jay, that’s the one with the oval shaped ball), and the kids are back in school (woohoo!)….it also means it’s StringCan’s 3rd birthday!


It’s crazy to think how far we’ve come in 3 years, and we thank each of you reading this because you’re the reason we’re able to continue what we do and love. In the last few years we’ve grown a lot as a business and as individuals thanks to the amazing opportunities we worked hard to earn.

This year we have moved into our third office, which is a big upgrade from the coffee shops we called an office during our humble beginnings. We have assembled an AMAZING team and network of partners that make coming to work everyday a truly unique experience. Most of all, we love getting to work with such fun and interesting clients that challenge our minds to reach new levels of creativity. Thanks for the mental workout ;-)

We have also worked hard on developing an amazing culture that makes others green with envy. We developed a fun and productive environment that encourages a think-tank of brilliant ideas and creativity…everything we ever dreamed of! We’ve worked hard to define ourselves and bring the last 1% to our employees, and above all, our clients.

Thank you for your support and help along the way. I can assure you we’re just getting started! Just you wait and see!

And now…some fun facts around the number 3, because…why not?

  • According to Pythagoras, the number 3, which they called triad, is the noblest of all digits, as it is the only number to equal the sum of all the terms below it, and the only number whose sum with those below equals the product of them and itself.
  • There are only 3 primary colors
  • Body, mind, and spirit – the physical, mental, and spiritual makeup of a human body
  • There are three acts of life – birth/life/death
  • The 3 types of matter – animal, vegetable, and mineral
  • In religion 3 can symbolize the Trinity, The Triad, and The Three Jewels – which is Buddah
  • It’s a magic number, SchoolHouse Rock said so.

Do you have any other favorite things around the number 3? The best idea will get a birthday cupcake from us delivered directly to you. For our out of state or International clients we will come up with something creative to thank you!

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