Our agency puts a lot of pride and effort into the fact that we need to be our own guinea pigs. And with our thoughts around a revised StringCan brand in our 13th year, the branding process was no different. Branding is important, even - or maybe especially - right now, but it had been a while since our brand had been given some TLC. We didn’t want to give it just a visual makeover this year, we wanted to revisit the entire brand as though we were starting from scratch. As our agency has evolved and grown and the industry has continued to change dramatically, we also wanted to align our visual and verbal identity with our company mission, vision and values. Most of all, we wanted to reflect our passion for driving significant business impact for our clients in our brand update. Here’s a look at how these exciting changes came to be. 

Branding 101: Who Are We? 

We’ve always known who we are in the sense of our integrity, our focus on results and our commitment to strong interpersonal relationships, both within our agency and with our clients. But when we went back to the drawing board to figure out our new brand identity, we also wanted to capture our vibe. After much collaboration - and a lot of fun exercises - we determined we collectively loved embracing a midcentury modern “Mad Men” design theme with a modern twist like the local Valley Ho Hotel. We set forth on showing our proven B2B focus, while also demonstrating great creativity and collaboration. 

Why Do We Exist? 

During this process, we started with the “who” and the “why” because these factors have always trumped everything else for us. When it came to why, we took some serious time to delve into what truly sets us apart in the very crowded world of B2B marketing. Here’s what we hit upon, and how our entire team worked to weave it into our updated Vision, Mission and Purpose:

• Our Vision: We’re dedicated to fast-tracking our clients to peak performance through strategic innovation and unwavering commitment. 

• Our Mission: We simplify business success. 

• Our Purpose: We string together ideas, innovation and lead generation to craft a seamless connection between businesses and their ideal customers. 

What Matters Most To Us? 

During our rebrand, we additionally considered the values and priorities we hold dear. This part was easy. Our entire team is fanatical about maintaining a client-centric focus, so we strove to make sure our branding strategy resonated with their needs, challenges and expectations. We also feel strongly that employee engagement is a key part of our success, so our team members were heavily involved in shaping our new brand. This helped to create a sense of ownership, pride and unity across the board.

When it comes to values, we’ve always had several that act as our North Star. But we spent time with each of them recently, ultimately revising and landing on the few that we want to guide everything we do. They: 

Always understand “why” before “what.” 

Walk in our clients’ shoes.

The last 1% means everything

Step forward. 

The Aesthetics

After digging into what was at the heart of our rebrand, we played around with design for a while. We were eager for our fonts, color palettes and logo to accurately represent all of our intentionality through the branding process. As such, we landed on this color palette, which conveys strength, competence, warmth and a little bit of playfulness too. 

We also updated our logo and came up with the tagline: “YouCan. WeCan. StringCan.” This shows our commitment to our clients and the emphasis we put on relationships and partnerships. Our logo update highlights a boldness in the “Can” as we are always ready for the next challenge or opportunity.

We furthermore chose our typography and other visual elements to reflect our personality, energy and professionalism.

Stepping Forward, Together

Above all, we want to be known for our trustworthiness and expertise, and how we craft strategy and create impact. To this end, all of our messaging and communications are built on authenticity. Our clients can feel confident we have their best interests at heart and are eager to help them achieve peak performance - together. We’re thrilled to share our rebrand with you, and excited to keep aspiring for more, innovating, listening and simplifying business success.

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Kali Minges

As StringCan's Digital Strategist, Kali is a dedicated advocate for positive change. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Digital Culture from Arizona State University's esteemed Herberger Institute of Design and the Arts, equipping her with a unique blend of creativity and technical prowess. With her expertise, Kali weaves innovative solutions into the digital fabric, helping businesses thrive in an ever-evolving digital ecosystem.

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Jay, the CEO of StringCan, oversees strategy and vision, building culture that makes going into work something he looks forward to, recruiting additional awesome team members to help exceed clients goals, leading the team and allocating where StringCan invests time and money.


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